WATCH: Opposition Rips Trudeau Government For Selling Us Out To China

The ongoing betrayal of Canadian interests by the Trudeau government is disturbing more and more people the more word spreads.

At every possible opportunity, Justin Trudeau does what’s best for China, rather than looking out for the interests of Canada.

The recent sale of Norsat is only the latest in a long line of disturbing decisions from Trudeau that benefit the communist Chinese regime.

Trudeau’s Cash-For-Access fundraisers, letting China take Montreal-based ITF Technologies, ignoring warnings from diplomats and security experts, and disturbing praise for the brutal communist regime, have all exposed Trudeau’s loyalty to a foreign power at the expense of our country.

In the video below,watch as the opposition demands answers from the corrupt Trudeau government on why our country is being sold out to an authoritarian foreign regime.

There can be no doubt that Justin Trudeau must be defeated. If he were to win the next election, he would sell us out to China even faster and on an even more massive scale. If that were to happen, how much of our country would be left in the hands of Canadians when all is said and done?

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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