3,450 METRES: Canadian Sniper Kills ISIS Terrorist With Longest Shot Ever

Give that guy a medal

A Canadian sniper with the elite Joint Task Force 2 killed an ISIS terrorist with a shot that traveled 3,450 metres.

It was the longest kill shot in military history.

The gun used was a McMillan TAC-50 sniper rifle.

The shot was almost 1000 metres longer than the previous world record, held by a British citizen. That shot was 2,475 metres.

Interesting note: Of the top 5 longest sniper shots in military history, three were made by Canadians.

As reported by the Globe & Mail, the shot stopped an ISIS attack against Iraqi security forces, and contributed to the protection of civilians.

According to the Globe, military sources have confirmed the record-breaking shot through “video camera and other data.”

Amazing skill

An amazing level of skill is needed for such a shot, as the curve of the earth, wind, and gravity all play into hitting a target at such an immense distance.

Canadian snipers are regarded as among the best in the world, and after today our country can stake a claim to being number 1.

Spencer Fernando