DISTURBING: Elites Plotting Pro-China Propaganda Campaign Against Canadians

The arrogant Public Policy Forum wants to “Gain a firm grip on Canadian views toward China,” and the public is banned from their secretive conference where corporate and government elites plot on how to manipulate us into letting our country be sold out to the Communist Chinese government.

A disturbing report in the Globe & Mail details the extent to which Canada’s corporate and government elites are plotting to overturn Canadian public opinion on China in order to get us to go along with a push for “free trade” with the repressive Communist nation.

Says the report, “An Ottawa-based think tank, with ties to corporate Canada and the federal government, is spearheading a campaign to persuade Canadians to embrace a free-trade deal with China. As Canada’s negotiators ready for a third round of exploratory trade talks with China, the Public Policy Forum (PPF) is embarking on a two-year effort, bankrolled by major corporations, to change Canadians’ minds about bilateral trade with the world’s second-biggest economy.”

Those minds they’re trying to “change” refers to a survey conducted by the Globe & Mail that “found nearly nine in 10 Canadians are “uncomfortable” with the idea of China’s large, government-controlled businesses gaining more access to Canada’s economy – an almost inevitable aspect of any free-trade deal. The poll also found that 66 per cent of respondents want Ottawa to link human rights to trade talks.”

Let’s take a second to consider the implications of this.

Rather than listen to the concerns of Canadians and realize that there is really no such thing as “free trade” with China, the government and the biggest corporate elites are planning to spend a ton of money on propaganda to change our minds.

This is very disturbing.

According to the report, the first meeting of the group took place today, and includes “executives doing business with China, leading pro-free-trade advocates from academia as well as the head of the Canada China Business Council. Ian Shugart, deputy minister of Foreign Affairs, will address the gathering. Two high-ranking federal civil servants sit on the board of the PPF, an organization that advocates policies to promote good governance.”

Those are all people with an obvious financial or career interest in giving China’s government-dominated corporations the ability to buy out more of our country.

And shouldn’t it be a huge red flag that members of the government bureaucracy are part of this propaganda effort?

Public banned from event

It seems the elitist propagandists don’t want people to see what they’re really planning behind the scenes.

In fact, they’ve banned the public and the media from attending their conference, and even admitted that they wouldn’t be honest if the media was around.

Carl Neustaedter – a spokesman for the Public Policy Forum said, “The discussion might be a bit different if there were media in the room, but that doesn’t mean at some point there wouldn’t be. But I think the group will probably talk about how will its findings and discussions be communicated.”

So, because they can’t say what they really plan to do in front of the media, instead they’ll come up with their propaganda behind the scenes and then “communicate” it to us later.

How can anyone not see how corrupt that is?

The sickening arrogance of the elites

The report goes on to describe what can only be seen as the sickening arrogance of the elites. As noted by the Globe, “Even before it opened exploratory talks on a free-trade deal with Beijing, the Trudeau government had expressed concern in briefing notes, prepared by the department of Global Affairs last year, that Canadians are “ill-informed and negatively biased” in their understanding of China.”

The Trudeau government thinks our opposition to letting our country get bought out and our concern with China’s brutal authoritarian regime is somehow “ill-informed and negatively biased.”


It’s the Trudeau government that is ill-informed and biased toward China at the expense of Canadians.

It’s disgraceful.

The arrogance, condescension, and manipulation comes through loud and clear in the language used by the Public Policy Forum. “As part of any effort the Canadian government must gain a firm grip on Canadian views toward China. Any [free-trade] agreement with China will require a broad social and political consensus built on a solid foundation of support from different quarters.”

That language is extremely disturbing. “Gain a firm grip on Canadian views toward China?”

That’s the kind of language used by dictators and authoritarians, not those who believe in public service and democracy.

Deception and lies

Those running the elitist Public Policy Forum obviously think we are all stupid, since they’re actually trying to pretend their conference is not about pushing Canadians to accept a “free trade” deal with China over our common-sense objections. The spokesman Neustaedter told the media that “I wouldn’t characterize it as everybody is for pro-free trade. It is really about a wide engagement, a more nuanced engagement [rather than] simply pro or con, or human rights versus trade kind of thing.”

Of course, the Globe & Mail pointed out that “All of the people on Wednesday’s speakers’ list are known to be supporters of greater economic ties with China.”

So, the arrogant elites are already lying about the meeting in which they craft their lies.

The disturbing information in the Globe & Mail report just keeps on coming. It further notes that a survey that showed some support for free trade was actually commissioned by Teck Resources, described as  “a Vancouver-based mining company with significant investment from a Chinese sovereign wealth fund that answers to the Communist government. A wholly owned subsidiary of China Investment Corp. owns 17.8 per cent of Teck’s Class B shares and has control over 7.5 per cent of shareholder votes. A member of the National People’s Congress of China, Quan Chong, sits on the Teck board of directors.”

Public Policy Forum appears to be doing the bidding of the Communist Chinese Government

It is becoming clear that the Public Policy Forum is now doing the bidding of the Chinese Communist Party. They may not be “officially” subservient to them, but they’re sure acting like they are.

The arrogance and contempt being shown for Canadians is a huge problem. It points to the mindset of the globalist elites who want to see our country sold off to the highest bidder, enriching international banks, global corporations, and powerful politicians – all at our expense.

Remember, there is no such thing as truly “free trade” with China. Here’s why:

  • Their companies don’t operate in any kind of free market.
  • They want to buy the corporations of other countries, but don’t let us buy their corporations.
  • Their worker safety laws are basically non-existent.
  • Their wages are way cheaper than ours – meaning our workers will get screwed over even worse.
  • Millions of their workers are basically slave labour – lacking any rights or protections whatsoever.
  • Their lack of safety causes products to be extremely hazardous in many cases – poisoned milk, dangerously defective electronics, etc…
  • They can seize any company at any time for any reason.
  • The Communist Party dominates the upper echelons of supposedly “independent” companies.
  • They regularly manipulate their currency to maintain a competitive advantage.
  • They can undercut our products at any time, flood our country with cheap subsidized goods, and decimate our productive industries.
  • They have been accused regularly of stealing gigantic amounts of intellectual property.
  • Their government has zero respect for free speech or human rights.
  • They ignore all environmental regulations while arrogantly lecturing the world about climate treaties – despite being the biggest polluters on earth, thus giving themselves another competitive advantage over us.
  • They demand that we live up to rules they don’t live up to, meaning there is no true “free trade” possible.

Clearly, there is no such thing as “free trade” with China.

We are being betrayed by Trudeau and the elites

Middle income and working class Canadians would be absolutely screwed by any deal that let China get even more access to our country. Our security is already being sold off by the Trudeau government, and now it looks like our economy is being given up as well.

This is a clear betrayal of the Canadian people. It has to be exposed, and discussed, and people need to know what’s happening. As we saw above, the Public Policy Forum is doing everything they can to block the public from seeing how they’re talking about us and how they plan to try and manipulate us into going against our instincts.

The Canadian people are right to oppose letting China buy out our country. The true will of the Canadian people must be heard and must be what guides policy, not the shady Public Policy Institute and the corrupt globalist elites.

We must stop the betrayal of our country, and protect our own interests above all else.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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