As I Predicted, Trudeau’s Secretive Cash-For-Access Fundraisers Continue

In late January of 2017, the establishment media was talking about how Justin Trudeau was “ending” his dangerous Cash-For-Access fundraisers.

After taking tons of heat for giving privileged access to foreign billionaires – particularly from China – Trudeau’s government announced “changes” that were supposed to make the events publicly accessible and open to scrutiny from journalists.

The media fell for the government spin and called this the “end” of Cash-For-Access.

However, it was obviously a deception. And that’s just what I called it in a January 27 article titled Deceptive Trudeau’s Cash-For-Access Fundraisers Are Not “Ending”

Here’s what I said at the time:

“The fact is, Trudeau is not ending cash-for-access, he’s just being more deceptive.”

“The first thing you see is that this does not “end” anything. It is certainly not a ban on cash-for-access fundraisers.”

“Does anyone really believe that Trudeau won’t just go into a private room and talk to foreign influencers? Do we really think the government won’t just lie about who attends? Reporting on who attended and how much was raised tells nothing about what was discussed.”

“It makes no sense for the media to refer to this as a “ban” on cash-for-access, because it’s not that at all.”

“The government is also saying they will let the media attend the fundraisers to “cover” the events. That sounds great, but that’s not actually being put into the legislation. It’s an “aspirational” goal, which is government-speak for “we aspire to get a great headline and then throw the promise in the garbage.”

“Nothing of actual substance is changing. Cash-For-Access fundraisers are still on. Foreign influencers will still get privileged access to the PM and will manipulate our government against the interests of Canadians.”

“The only difference is that the media is now distracted by a shiny object held up by the government, and gave the government the headline they so desperately craved. Make no mistake: Trudeau’s cash-for-access fundraisers are not ending.”

All of that was confirmed on Tuesday, June 21st, when Trudeau staff kicked the media out of what was supposed to be an “open and transparent” Cash-For-Access event.

As reported by the Hill Times, “A Hill journalist is calling into question the Liberal Party’s promise to make its fundraising events more open and transparent, after party staff restricted media access at a June 19 Ottawa event for the party’s top donors.”

Additionally, “Reporters were ushered into one room for an RCMP sweep prior to speeches. They were told they were not allowed to mingle, but could talk to guests registering and entering the event in the foyer of the museum. Once inside the event, journalists were cordoned off in one area, and not allowed to mingle with guests freely. They were ushered out of the room after speeches and not allowed to stay for the whole event.”

So much for openness. This confirms that the secretive fundraisers continue. Nothing has changed, though the establishment media was fooled into thinking something was different.

Cash-For-Access continues

As predicted, Trudeau’s secretive Cash-For-Access fundraisers continue, and the betrayal of the Canadian people to elite foreign interests is getting worse and worse.

Perhaps some in the elitist media will learn from this deception and actually hold Trudeau accountable for his constant lying. But I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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