Quebec Premier Couillard: Terrorism Can’t Be Disconnected From Islam

Philippe Couillard just demonstrated more political courage and common sense with one statement than Justin Trudeau has during his entire time in office.

In the wake of the terrorist attack in Flint, Michigan motivated by Islamic extremism, Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard decided to abandon political correctness for a moment and embrace common sense. Here’s what he said in response to the attack perpetrated by a resident of Montreal.

“Unfortunately, you cannot disconnect this type of event — terrorism — from Islam in general,” said Couillard

While this is common sense, it stands out because of how rare it is for a politician to speak the truth about the reality of Islamic terrorism, instead of following the old pattern of pretending the problem will just go away.

Couillard also emphasized that the Muslim community must be responsible for stamping out terrorism within their community – echoing comments made by the President of France.

After his initial statement – perhaps realizing that the politically correct thought-police were about to pounce, Couillard tried to draw Christianity into the discussion, saying there were “very bad moments in our history linked to the Christian religions. Inquisitions, religious wars in Europe — horrible. But the religion was able to distance itself from that and come back to its principles. I expect the same will happen.”

Despite the slight nod towards PC thinking, Couillard has still gone much further than Justin Trudeau ever has in addressing the threat from radical Islam.

WATCH: Clip of Couillard’s comments

Trudeau’s cowardice exposed

Couillard’s statement exposes Trudeau’s cowardice and weakness. Trudeau never even utters the terms “Islamism”, “Islamic terrorism”, “radical Islam”, or anything else. He never even admits that there is a serious problem within a segment of the Muslim community when it comes to terrorism and extremism.

Instead, Trudeau has tried to brand any criticism of Islam as “Islamophobia.” Instead of confronting the problem, he tries to silence any who acknowledge the problem.

That dangerous approach puts Canada at increased risk, because no problem can be dealt with until it is acknowledged and viewed realistically, rather than being obscured by wishful thinking or purposeful deception.

Philippe Couillard’s statement is an important first step in having more politicians speak the truth and set aside the stifling and dangerous political correctness that engulfs our society.

Yet, we can expect Justin Trudeau and the other corrupt elites to push for even more stifling of discussion and even more political correctness. That’s why we need to keep getting the truth out there and give some credit to those – like Couillard – who are willing to show some political courage.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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