WATCH: Trudeau Caught Lying About Attacking Middle Class

One of Justin Trudeau’s most commonly-used talking points has been to say he is “lowering taxes for the middle class.”

Of course, we know that the opposite has occurred. Taxes are going up all over the place, particularly with the carbon tax he is imposing on the entire country. Carbon taxes hit middle class and low income Canadians the worst.

Yet, Trudeau isn’t stopping there. Taxes are going up on beer, user fees are going up, and that’s just the start of it.

In the video below, watch as Andrew Scheer rips Trudeau for attacking the middle class:

In his “answers,” Trudeau doesn’t address the tax hikes he is imposing, and he fails to point out that the Conservatives twice lowered the GST – something the Liberals were against.

At this point, it’s no surprise that Trudeau is hiding behind lies. When your record is as bad as his, lies are all that’s left.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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this is a comedy of errors featuring THE PRIME buffoon … can the MIDDLE CLASS get him to sit down permanently in the golden chair he was handed …


The intent of the corporate controllers of the world is to eliminate the middle class. Trudeau is their puppet-in-office. My question is, “Is Sheer just part of the show?”.

It sickens me to see Scott Brison who once tired to pass himself off as a conservative ‘leader’ nodding enthusiastically to everything Trudeau says. Another puppet.


Unfortunately , the senate passed the budget bill which will hurt all middle class and those struggling daily.
The opposition parties have nothing to say now now that Justin and the liberals forced the senate to passed the budget bills. Justin needs all the taxes he can get even it is your last dollar to support his wealthy pals. Nothing of this could have happened without the media’s help by not disclosing to the public the liberals’ prepared damage intentions that will hurt our livelihood and Canada’s economy.


The media will get what’s coming to them. Almost sad to think they have to stoop so low just for a pay check. What goes around comes around. Get some morals media….

Kim Brown

Where is Robin hood & his merry men when you need them to fight the evil king Justin?…. I mean king John …….

Mckenzie Shaw

The traitor to Canada is at it again.


How about bailing out Bombardia???? They are far from middleclass, they are able to give their ceo’s big raises with the bail out money. Once again Trudeau lies like a sidewalk. Again the middle class is screwed every which way but loose. Trudeau is a globalist traitor to Canada. He has not one clue what a middle class is! He has never had to work being the wealthy trust fund spoiled little boy.


Most aragant pm yet. He should have to live on a low and middle class income. Maybe then he would finally be brought back down to size. He hasn’t done one thing good since he’s been in. Only hurt Canada. Such a lier. It’s scary how he keeps pushing everything he wants through and next election isn’t until 2019. People are struggling to buy food to feed their families, and pay bills. Thanks Trudeau.


absolutely right !! YET can you understand WHY so many still support this fake clown ?


trudeau has used this SAME ANSWER for the last couple years to almost every question put to him..
Can he not give a STRAIGHT ANSWER…???
How about he QUIT GIVING AWAY OUR HARD EARNED TAX DOLLARS to other countries and people, (basically everyone except Real Canadians) then he wouldn’t have to raise taxes PERIOD..
In fact there would even be extra for things like education, healthcare, infrastructure etc..and as an added bonus people would have money for food, shelter, clothing, school supplies…
He’s like a ” lotto winner with NO financial advisors”…


it does not matter what we say and how rational our arguments are ,,,the powers in power are still in power …so we are only puppets …we will never win doing what we do …keep on bitching …

Michael Black

Who are these new Middle Class that have had their taxes lowered? All I hear on my calls across Canada from BC to NFLD and North to South, from Nunavut to the USA border – is job loss, mortgage suffering, lack of money for advanced education, families moving back in with their parents as they cannot afford adequate family housing, etc. How can any Prime Minister have the gall to blatantly lie on camera to the Canadian public as he gives away BILLIONS to other countries as Canadians expense and takes advantages of his OWN tax laws?