WEAK: Senate Caves, Approves Budget With Trudeau’s Beer Tax

Despite being against Trudeau’s tax on beer, wine and spirits, the Canadian Senate has caved and agreed to pass the budget exactly as Trudeau wanted it.

50 Senators – representing independents (mostly former Senate Liberals) and Liberals, voted to approve the budget unchanged.

33 Senators – mostly Conservatives – voted to fight against the Trudeau beer tax.

There had been an ongoing battle between the two houses of Parliament, with the Canadian Press reporting that “Senators were incensed Wednesday after the government summarily and swiftly rejected their amendments, sending a message back to the upper house that the changes “infringe upon the rights and privileges” of the Commons.”

The weak senators also approved the incredibly dangerous infrastructure bank – allowing our country to be betrayed to foreign financial elites.

They had a chance to stand up for Canadians. Instead, they caved pathetically.

Trudeau’s Beer Tax is a disgrace

Trudeau is increasing the excise tax on beer, wine and spirits by 2% every year, and is also tying it to inflation. This is disgraceful, because it not only takes more and more money out of our pockets every year, but it also increases taxes without requiring Parliamentary approval.

It’s a dictatorial and arrogant action from a pathetic government desperate for revenue to cover their own wasteful spending.

As I wrote in early May, “This is about more than just the Beer Tax. There’s also the underlying principle that taxes should not go up year after year without us having any input over that decision. We need to make a clear stand now so future government’s get the message loud and clear: Canadians won’t just roll over and let the government tread all over us.”

The Senate showed that they are weak, and are unable to take that stand on behalf of Canadians. Sure, they passed some meaningless message supporting the “principle” that they can block budgets or make amendments, but that means nothing if they aren’t willing to actually do it.

As a result, it will be up to us to take a clear stand. That means we must first ensure that Trudeau is massively defeated, and second, be incredibly tough in holding the next government accountable – making certain that they lower taxes and restore power to where it belongs – in the hands of the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Sorry the senate caved..,it’s like beating your head against the wall..if we don’t become more assertive, the libs. will win the next election…

R Butchart

All these additional taxes on booze will just create more underground economy. Guess we all will have to stop drinking or make our own booze. That would put all the liquor stores out of business, and loss of jobs. Then Trudeau would be in big trouble, More unemployment and no tax revenue.


Add in the phony J. Trudeau Carbon Tax on top of inflation and cost of living and everything will get 6% more expensive every year.


Trudeau is pissin himself with joy. The Senate craters which means it is of no further use. Canada is now officially a dictatorship. Not too many dictators leave office by losing an election.