REPORT: Canada Sold Over $142 Million In Weapons To Saudi Arabia

A new report from Global Affairs Canada has revealed that Saudi Arabia is the top destination for Canadian weapon exports (outside of the United States.)

Here’s the full list of where our weapons sales went in 2016:

  • Saudi Arabia: $142,207,669.44 (19.81%)
  • Australia: $115,767,483.15 (16.13%)
  • United Kingdom: $78,254,584.70 (10.90%)
  • Peru: $59,365,347.30 (8.27%)
  • France: $41,243,959.94 (5.75%)
  • Germany: $39,555,716.91 (5.51%)
  • Norway: $28,002,122.33 (3.90%)
  • South Korea: $17,440,678.28 (2.43%)
  • Netherlands: $12,459,430.61 (1.74%)
  • Belgium $12,108,115.05: (1.69%)

You’ll notice how Saudi Arabia sticks out like a sore thumb on that list.

All the other top countries we sell weapons to are democracies. All of them guarantee the rights of religious minorities, guarantee the rights of women, and guarantee freedom of speech (to varying extents).

Saudi Arabia is the exact opposite.

Not only is Saudi Arabia one of the most oppressive nations on earth, but it is also a direct economic competitor for Canada. And worse, they are the top funder of the extremist Wahhabist form of Islam, which has spawned the ideology behind ISIS and provided the motivation for countless terror attacks in the West.

The fact is that Canada would benefit from a weaker Saudi Arabia, yet by selling them weapons we are making them stronger.

So, not only is it a strategic error, but from a moral standpoint the fact that we sell them weapons is an absolute disgrace.

Support the Canadian Arms Industry by building up our military

The most recent deal to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia (initiated under the Harper government and approved under Trudeau) was valued at about $15 billion.

Defenders of the deal point to the jobs and wealth generated as being worth any moral costs. Their argument is that moral considerations don’t matter when it comes to selling weapons to other countries. Of course, by that measure it wouldn’t matter if we sold weapons to North Korea – though you never hear anyone make that case.

The jobs and wealth argument is understandable, but there is a far better way for Canada to support our Canadian arms industry: Build up our own military.

I’m not talking about the weak plan put forward by the Trudeau government – who promised more spending almost all after the next election after taking billions out of the budget previously. I’m talking about a real military build-up, at least doubling our spending to $40 billion per year, starting right away. That would enable us to build a large Canadian Arms Industry that would generate tens of thousands of jobs, billions in wealth and other spin-off benefits to our country, all without selling weapons to a terrible regime like the Saudi’s.

Of course, that would require a government that actually puts our country first, rather than just serving corporate and foreign interests.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Yes, Canadians should be designing and manufacturing defense equipment right here in Canada for OUR sovereign use! We have the capability to produce the best in the world, and yet, we have bought into the Military Complex and are losing our National Soul to countries like Saudia Arabia!

It is time Canadians take the HIGH ROAD in the world!