Why Is Bono Playing On CANADA DAY?

Canadian talent should be showcased front and centre

U2 is many things, including a talented band loved by millions of people around the world.

One thing U2 isn’t however, is a Canadian band.

So it’s quite odd that the government is promoting U2 members Bono and The Edge as headliners for the upcoming Canada Day Celebrations on Parliament Hill.

Here’s a tweet from Canadian Heritage Minister Melanie Joly:

You would think that of all the Canadian bands available, the government, and the Heritage Minister no less, could find and promote Canadian talent to headline the event.


We can imagine that there is also a cost to taxpayers here, and even if there wasn’t, the idea of showcasing a non-Canadian band on the celebration of our nation’s 150th birthday should have been considered a non-starter.

The Canada 150 celebration is a chance to promote the wide range of talent we have in our country. That should be the focus, not promoting a celebrity band from another country.

Political message?

It’s also hard not to see a political message in the choice of Bono, who pushes the same open borders messaging as Trudeau and most celebrities. Of course, those same celebrities live behind walls and layers of private security, but they deny the rest of us that same protection.

Considering the way Trudeau politicizes everything, it wouldn’t be surprising if he and his government used Canada 150 as a way to push their political agenda rather than celebrate our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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At the Toronto concert on Friday night, Bono gave shout-outs to Freeland (globalist), Philpott (health globalist – mainly Africa) and Trudeau (you know what he is). This was Philpott – “Yes, I met Bono last night! Had a wonderful conversation about HIV, global health and how Canada needs to be a strong voice for justice and fairness in the world. I’m inspired by how he uses his powerful voice to advocate for the needs of others. Oh and then of course the U2 concert was amazing!” I don’t know if Freeland and Trudeau were at the concert – neither said… Read more »


I totally agree with you Spencer. This is our countries 150 Birthday. Not Justines. Why would he not get a Canadian singer. Why a Soros fan? Just another bottom feeder , feeding Trudeau ego…That spells big trouble in my opinion. Trudeau has got to be the most arrogant , self centred , idiot.. He is has ruined our country in less than 2 yrs. We have to be more assertive with him.
The Liberal fans “wake up..”


I think that, with so much Canadian content malarky intervention shoved down our collective throats, year after year, from the CRTC can-con b.s. at radio stations to Canadian (local) hiring among big business, don’t we as a collective country finally have the balls to hire just a GOOD band, and not just a Canadian one. Why not just hire the best band and U2 is truly one of the best. Why pump up the contrived, inflatable (Canadian) rubber doll, year after year, when you sleep with a real Irish or American group of pimps, like U2?


I’m not sure your message was entirely coherent, but it was certainly entertaining – I quite enjoyed it! Especially the last reference to sleeping “with a real Irish or American group of pimps, like U2”! Fine turn of phrase, that.

George Townsend

Maybe Bono is going to become an honory Canadian citizen? ?


What is wrong with you, inviting that turd to celebrate Canada’s birthday. He insults us. We have many talented Canadians here. Please, Please, think again


You have to remember only one thing, and this all comes together …
“Liberalism is a mental disorder”.