Why Hasn’t Trudeau Condemned Hussen For Comparing A Tweet To Domestic Violence?

Establishment media bias focuses on Scheer while giving Trudeau a free pass.

To see how little common-sense remains in the establishment media, you need only look at the difference between how Andrew Scheer and Justin Trudeau were expected to deal with controversy.

After news reports that a Syrian refugee had brutally beaten his wife with a hockey stick and then claimed he didn’t know that was illegal in Canada, Kellie Leitch tweeted the following:

In response to that tweet, Canada’s Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said this:

“It’s [domestic violence] clearly something that we abhor and we condemn. What Ms. Leitch is doing is equally reprehensible because she’s tying in a problem that exists everywhere – both in refugee communities and in … our society. This is a problem that many societies grapple with. She’s tying that in with our refugee policy.”

Ask yourself which of those is worse?

Tweeting a link to an article, or saying that such a tweet is equally as reprehensible as a man who beat his wife with a hockey stick for 30 minutes until the stick was covered in blood, and then threatened to kill her?

For must of us common-sense Canadians, the answer is obvious. Comparing a tweet to domestic violence is far worse.

Yet, that’s not how the establishment media handled it.

Since Leitch’s tweet, Andrew Scheer has been hounded repeatedly to explain whether he supported it or not. He later distanced himself from it.

But where were all the questions asking Trudeau whether he supported Hussen equating a tweet with domestic violence?

Why didn’t Trudeau have to answer for Hussen’s terrible comment?

Trudeau got a totally free pass on it.

Destructive bias

The huge difference between how Scheer and Trudeau were treated is a clear example of the establishment media bias that has proven so destructive to public trust in the media. On Twitter, there were at least as many – and probably many more – Canadians outraged by Hussen’s comments than by Leitch’s tweet. Yet, that perspective was not at all shown in the establishment media.

People are losing trust in the elitist establishment. That’s why the establishment media is now begging for taxpayer bailouts, while independent media like this website and many others continue to grow. People are tired of seeing the truth become distorted and even ignored entirely. People are tired of the propaganda and the BS.

People want common-sense.

It’s up to us now to push back against the bias and to get the truth out there in our own networks. The establishment media isn’t going to change, and they may even get a bailout from the Trudeau government. That means we’ll have to work harder than ever to keep common-sense alive in our country.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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