REPORT: More Forced Marriages In Canada Than Many Think

Political correctness is stopping the issue from being dealt with

A disturbing report by CTV News describes how forced marriages in Canada are “more prevalent” than many people think.

The describes the ordeal endured by Samra Zafar, who was forced by her family to marry a 28-year-old man in Canada. At the time, Zafar was living in the United Arab Emirates and was just 16-years-old.

As CTV reports, “Over the next decade, she endured “abuse of all kinds” as she raised two daughters and tried desperately to obtain a university education and get out of her marriage. She eventually succeeded and is now speaking out about child brides and forced marriage – a problem she says is prevalent, even in Canada.”

Says Zafar, “It’s actually shocking how much it happens here.”

The report notes that under the law in many provinces, a 16 or 17 year-old can be married as long as both parents consent. This can lead to forced marriages, because in many cases the consent of the bride is not received or even sought.

Due to the secretive nature of the marriages, data is tough to come by, though the report says “In September 2013, the South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario released a report that counted 219 confirmed or suspected cases of forced marriage in Ontario and Quebec from 2010 to 2012. In 57 per cent of the cases, people were taken out of Canada to get married.”

The true figure is likely much higher. As Zafar says, “It’s more prevalent than we all think because no one talks about it. There’s a veil of honour that covers this whole issue. It’s hush-hush.”

Political correctness

The rise of political correctness makes it more difficult to address the issue of forced marriages. While Canada should be a welcoming country, that welcome must not be without limits. Unfortunately, given the choice between emphasizing Canadian values – such as the equality of men and women – and pandering for votes, many politicians choose the latter.

As a result, the elitist establishment chickens out and lets things such as forced marriages (and even worse – female genital mutilation) go on behind the scenes.

That’s why we will have to move beyond political correctness and retain the freedom to openly discuss what is – and what is not – acceptable in Canada. We must never be afraid to stand up for our values.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter – Samra Zafar


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