GOOD: Andrew Scheer REJECTS “Free Trade” With China

As Justin Trudeau pushes to betray Canadian interests to sign a deal with China, Andrew Scheer makes a wise and politically courageous decision

Time and time again, Justin Trudeau has shown that he is willing to put our financial and national security at risk in order to do the bidding of the communist Chinese government.

Both the Conservatives and NDP have been speaking out against Trudeau’s repeated efforts to sell out our country. This shows that it’s more than a partisan issue, it’s about the future of Canada as a truly free and financially independent nation.

Now, Andrew Scheer has declared publicly that he will side with the Canadian people, and will oppose “free trade” with China.

As Scheer told Vassy Kapelos in an interview on Global, “There are so many concerns with the Chinese government – their human rights record, the way their economy works. We don’t want to see Canadian manufacturers, Canadian workers put on a completely uneven playing field.”

Added Scheer, “Our labour standards, our working conditions. These are all things we are proud of in Canada.”

Many different markets aside from China

In the interview, Scheer made a point that is 100% correct: The world is full of potential markets for Canadian goods – we don’t need to be just focused on China.

Said Scheer, “The United Kingdom, as it decides how it’s going to leave the European Union would be a natural fit for a free trade deal. There are a lot of countries that are seeing growth, we’ve enhanced our economic ties with India, with Japan. There’s growing populations all over the world that are going to need Canadian products.”

This is an essential point, and one that makes Trudeau’s China obsession even more disturbing. There is no good reason for Canada to make ourselves subservient to China, yet that is exactly the direction Trudeau is pushing is.

Thankfully, Scheer is making the case for a trade strategy that is about putting Canada’s interests first, rather than China’s.

A clear choice

No leader is perfect, and Andrew Scheer will certainly be no exception. When he does something worth criticism, he should be criticized. By the same token, when he does something worth praise, he should be praised.

And his decision to reject “free trade” with China is certainly worthy of praise.

Considering that the elitist media and corporate establishment are planning a disturbing pro-China propaganda campaign, Andrew Scheer’s declaration that a Conservative government would reject “free trade” with China takes tremendous political courage.

Scheer has shown a clear contrast with Trudeau, and he has shown that he puts the interests of Canadian workers and Canadian security first, whereas Trudeau puts the interests of China and foreign corporations first.

That contrast alone is reason enough to make sure that Justin Trudeau is defeated and Andrew Scheer has the opportunity to put our government back into doing the job of serving Canadians.

The 2019 election will be a clear choice: If we want to protect our nation from being sold out to China, Andrew Scheer must defeat Justin Trudeau.

Spencer Fernando


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