We Must Reverse The Weakening Of Canadian Citizenship

Citizenship is supposed to have benefits. Apart from being able to vote, citizenship is an essential part of uniting a country and imbuing a sense of shared meaning into a nation.

When that citizenship is weakened, the strength and unity of a nation begins to falter. History has shown that a nation which weakens internally will be much more vulnerable to external pressures and dangers – and those pressures and dangers always exist no matter the time or place being considered.

In Canada, those pressures increasingly manifest themselves as competing ideological systems and global corporate power. While our elitist leaders won’t acknowledge it, our country is under a constant ideological and financial assault. Whether it’s the efforts of radical Islamists to bring death and violence to our streets, or the globalist agenda of centralizing all ownership in the hands of a few massively wealthy corporations and individuals, our goal of a secure country where Canadians decide our own destiny is under threat.

Those threats can be met, and they can be overcome. However, that is only possible if the value of Canadian citizenship is powerful and strong.

Unfortunately, our current government is moving in exactly the opposite direction.

Consider what the Trudeau government has done to devalue the meaning of Canadian citizenship:

  • They have said dual-citizens convicted of terrorism can keep their citizenship – justified with the endless repetition of “a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian.” This is a disgraceful policy, as it not only devalues the lives of those who could be killed in terrorist acts, but it’s an insult to all those who seek to become Canadians by stating that there is no difference in law between their loyalty and commitment to Canada and the disloyalty of someone who would seek to kill our people.
  • They have allowed our borders to become a joke, letting people from the United States illegally cross into our country, while insulting those who think our national border should mean something. If a government is not willing to respect the boundary that separates those legally within a country and those outside of it, how can it respect its citizens?
  • They have given billions more in taxpayer money to foreign countries, while many of our own citizens live in communities without running water, without job opportunities, and without even basic infrastructure. At this very moment, there are Canadian citizens who live in communities with the highest suicide rates on earth, yet instead of treating that as a clear national emergency, our government gives our money to non-citizens across the world, seeking international headlines and attention.

All of those shameful actions send one clear and unmistakable message: Canadian citizenship doesn’t matter.

That is an incredibly dangerous message to send, and it will severely weaken our country as long as continues.

More and more people will start wondering why they should feel loyal to a government that shows no loyalty to them. Does the government just expect us to remain silent, keep our heads down, and pay our taxes while the meaning of our citizenship is dragged through the mud?

How can any government justify neglecting serious problems facing their own citizens in order to spend money and time focused on non-citizens in other countries?

This has to change.

We must reverse the weakening of Canadian citizenship.

The first step towards doing that will be remembering that our government is called the “Canadian Government,” not the “global government.” Within the very name of the government is the promise that it exists only to serve the Canadian people. Anything else is gross distortion of its role that can only come at the expense of fulfilling its duty to Canadians.

Every chance we get, we must push for a way of thinking that puts the interests of Canadian citizens first at all times. This isn’t about being negative towards anyone else, it’s about being positive towards our own citizens.

For us to achieve a truly secure and prosperous future, the meaning of Canadian citizenship must be restored. If that doesn’t happen, there is no guarantee that our country will thrive, or even survive in its current form.

That would be a tragedy, because no nation has ever been more worth saving than Canada.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.1

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