Pathetically Weak Trudeau Government Continues Bowing Down To China

Every day seems to bring a new example of Trudeau betraying Canada to the interests of the Chinese Communist Party.

Today, we learned of a pathetically weak response from the Trudeau government to the issue of corporate hacking by China against our country.

First reported by Robert Fife and Steven Chase in the Globe and Mail, “China has signed an agreement saying it will stop conducting state-sponsored cyberattacks aimed at stealing Canadian private-sector trade secrets and proprietary technology.”

If this wasn’t so serious, it would actually be funny.

The fact that China is signing the deal is a clear admission that they have been launching cyberattacks on our country. Clearly, those cyberattacks have gone unanswered.

The Trudeau government didn’t even address the fact that China has launched cyberattacks against us, and announced exactly zero measures to hold them accountable.

As noted in the Globe & Mail, the agreement was signed after Trudeau spoke with Li Keqiang of China as they push for a free trade agreement. That exposes this “agreement” for what it truly is: A way to pacify opposition to the dangerous prospect of Canada being sold out to China.

We have to make sure that manipulative tactic doesn’t work.

Pathetic weakness

The fact that our government has just let China get a free pass for cyberattacks on our country is a total disgrace. Where is the response? Where is the retaliation? Letting a country treat us like a joke and then refusing to respond sends a message of weakness and subservience – which is exactly what China wants from Canada.

As if that isn’t bad enough, the report notes that the deal “does not preclude China from conducting state-sponsored cyberattacks against the Canadian government or military as it did in 2014, when Chinese hackers the main computers at the country’s National Research Council.”

Truly pathetic.

He is opening our country up to be taken by China, and he is doing so entirely on China’s terms.

The weak and naive attitude being shown by the government is an absolute embarrassment. As one official told the Globe & Mail, “For us, having the commitment on paper is good because we can refer to it. The fact that we do this doesn’t mean we won’t be vigilant, but at the same time if things happen we can go back [to this commitment].”

Do you see the problem here? The government’s “plan” to stop China cyberattacks is to refer to an agreement from China saying they will stop cyberattacks.

Who do they think they’re fooling here?

As we can imagine, China will keep doing whatever they want when it comes to cyberattacks, regardless of whatever “agreement” has been signed.

Along those lines, this is what cybersecurity expert Adam Segal recently wrote about China’s cyberattacks, which was noted by Fife and Chase: “The Chinese may be becoming more stealthy and sophisticated in their attacks. Indeed FireEye noted that the decline in number of attacks [in the United States] may be accompanied by a rise in the sophistication of attacks.”

Clearly, the Trudeau government knows all this. That means they are seeking to collude with China to make people think our country is being protect from Chinese cyberattacks, when we are actually more vulnerable than ever.

Foreign takeovers

I’ve written often about how Trudeau is letting China take numerous Canadian companies. It turns out that cybersecurity experts say this is one of China’s favoured tactics for getting technology.

As noted in the Globe & Mail story, “Other experts say China has switched to favouring using the “front door” to obtain sophisticated technology from the West. Instead of “backdoor” computer hacking, Beijing has embraced corporate takeovers of Western companies as a means to legally transfer much-needed technology back home.”

Trudeau is making it all too easy for China to accomplish their goals at our expense.

The evidence is now unmistakable. Our country is being betrayed and sold out to China by the Trudeau government. All Canadians must stand against this dangerous corruption, or we will look back on this time as the moment when our country began to irretrievably slip through our fingers and out of our control.

Spencer Fernando


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