Trudeau’s Approval Rating Down 9% In A Year

An analysis by Éric Grenier shows that Justin Trudeau’s approval rating has fallen dramatically over the past year.

According to Grenier, Trudeau’s approval rating was in an average of polls was 61.7% in June of 2016, and has now fallen to 52.7% in June of 2017.

The trend is unmistakable:

Numerous polls show Trudeau’s approval rating down in the past year, with the number of those who disapprove is rising.

Mainstreet Research puts Trudeau’s approval/disapproval rating at 54/41, Angus Reid has him at 54/42, while Forum has him at 48/41. Other polls have from time to time showed his approval/disapproval in negative territory.

What the numbers mean

Behind the top-line numbers, the context is important. Trudeau has received the most favourable and fawning media coverage of any Prime Minister in history, and for most of his time in office his two main opponents did not have a permanent leader.

As Grenier writes, “But by the time the next federal election rolls around in 2019, Trudeau won’t be able to count on his two opponents being so unknown to the general public. And while the numbers do not yet suggest the Liberals should panic, if his approval ratings continue to take a hit with each passing season, he won’t be able to count on being more popular than his rivals.”

Trudeau’s time in office has also led to an unprecedented push-back online that seeks to go around the establishment media machine, which erodes the power of the elites to shape public perception of Trudeau.

Yet, there is still clearly more work to do. The establishment media is still propping up Trudeau’s image, and it still influences many people. While Trudeau sells us out to China, foreign banks, and global elites, the media keeps focusing on his selfies and his propaganda images. This distracts from the damage he is doing to our country, and keeps his approval rating much higher than it would be otherwise.

There’s an important lesson for the opposition here as well. The establishment won’t stop the biased pro-Trudeau coverage. The opposition will have to be tough and relentless holding Trudeau accountable for the damage he is doing to our country. Hoping that media coverage will change is a fools errand. 

Even with his media advantage, Trudeau’s numbers are eroding over time as the truth gets out. That’s why it’s essential for each of us to keep sharing the dangerous reality of Trudeau’s actions with as many people as possible. If we do that, his approval will continue to decline and we will have the chance to put Canada back in the hands of the Canadian people.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.1

That’s why I write.

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Andrew Klinzmann

Absolutely spot on ! Despite the adoring alt-left media; Trudeau’s mis-steps, gaffes and just plain INCOMPETENCE are showing through. No doubt the elites and their “lame-stream media” lapdogs will be utterly flabbergasted when this vacuous dilettante is kicked out in 2019.


If I can help in any reasonable and LEGAL way , daily…SLOWLY but surely … to get this soooo poor excuse for a human being, let alone a LEADER ..OUSTED….there are no limits to my contribution – he is despicable , brainless , full of himself nothing …


Time’s Idiot of the year award

The laughing stock of the g7 he is more interested in socks than helping Canadians. I live in Ab and not one person will vote for the kaliedascope of rubbish he offers.


I am in ON where liberal stupidity in politics abound and I would not either ….

John Bain

I’m very concerned of the security of our country. This lunatic only cares about himself.


The well-financed deceptions of the mega-rich elites fool and dupe many who are lazy-minded. They cannot dupe them all. It’s remarkable how many line up to be soothed into submission.