Venezuela Is Real Socialism

Every time a socialist “experiment” (aka applying socialism to real life) fails, those obsessed with centralizing political and economic control in a small political elite will scream, “It’s not real socialism.”

Yet, by that foolish standard we’ve never really had “real socialism.”

As Venezuela – a nation run by an explicitly socialist regime – falls into chaos, those same cries of “it’s not real socialism” will begin again.

Of course, we know that’s not true.

Venezuela is a perfect example of the end result of socialism: Poverty, suffering, and death.

It is no coincidence that as Venezuela has become more and more socialistic, it has fallen further into chaos. While some will blame low oil prices for Venezuela’s problems, it should be noted that other oil dependent nations have not experienced the massive food shortages, absence of basic goods including toilet paper, extreme inflation, reports of people eating animals to survive, and the other myriad of horrors being suffered by the Venezuelan people.

Venezuela may have suffered a recession because of low oil prices. But they are collapsing into chaos and civil war because of the socialist ideology.


Socialism centralizes political and economic power in a tiny elite. To hide that fact, it’s always sold as being about “equality,” “social justice,” and “the greater good.” The problem is that socialism doesn’t let people decide social justice or the greater good for themselves. It’s always imposed on them. And the only equality it creates is equality in poverty.

It also must be a coincidence that the “greater good” always benefits those in power at the expense of the people. Socialism is sold as a utopian dream, and ends up as a brutal nightmare.

That is the inevitable result of trying to control every aspect of the economic lives of millions of people. That is the inevitable result of silencing dissent and putting the will of one leader or small collective above the rights of millions of citizens. Delusional and convinced of their own good intentions, socialists will stop at nothing to seize and maintain power, and that inevitably leads to violence.

The failure of socialism is a cycle, and it repeats over and over and over again:

  • Extreme economic centralization leads to poverty, suffering, and unrest.
  • Political centralization and the silencing of dissent shuts off non-violent safety valves for people to express their unrest.
  • Without non-violent forms of expression, unrest turns into open conflict.
  • Open conflict leads to civil war and revolution, or an even more brutal regime if it holds onto power.

Venezuela is now in the fourth and final part of this cycle. 75 people have already been violently killed by the socialist regime, and it remains to be seen whether the regime will survive. But for Venezuela to have any hope of prosperity and true justice, the regime must fall, and socialism must be crushed.

And for us here in Canada and the western world, we must always keep an eye out for those who seek to push socialism upon us – even when they do their best to hide it by calling it something else.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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But a small glimpse into the “one world economy” that JT, Soros, Hillary and others would love to impose on all of us … wake up, liberals …


Greetings from Venezuela, we are having a really bad time here due to the socialist dictartoship. Thanks for showing the world what’s happening here.


INYENZI, Do not expect this dictated liberal government in Canada to even side with the Venezuelans against MADURO, it is not going to happen since Justin himself likes to act like a dictator with his dark angels, the media, helping to accomplish his deeds. Just like the Venezuelan media are forced to protect and speak against others for Maduro so too it is happening here in Canada with the media are forced to speak against others for liberal Justin Trudeau and his government. Another thing INYENZI, WE DO NOT TRUST OUR MEDIA, that’s why we come here to Spencer or… Read more »

Lian Walton

The Venezuelan people can depend on no-one but themselves now – this failed experiment has been backed bu some of the wealthiest and most ruthless people in this world – save yourselves , please .