WARNING FOR CANADA: Australia Turning Against China’s Influence

We must heed the warning before it’s too late

Australia is often held up as an example for Canada to follow when it comes to expanded trade with China.

As the Trudeau government and the corporate elites begin their pro-China propaganda push, we can expect them to mention Australia quite often to justify Canada signing a “free trade” deal with the Communist state.

With that in mind, we should be paying very close attention to what’s actually happening in Australia as they deal with the consequences of China’s rising influence in their country.

In short, it’s not good.

As reported by the Globe & Mail, there is growing concern about doing businesses with China. “We’ve reached the point now where there is almost a consensus forming among the political class; that Australia has to stand up to China,” said Rory Medcalf, a former diplomat and intelligence analyst who now heads the National Security College at Australian National University. Fighting back will require strong measures, some in Australia now say.

The Globe notes the thoughts of a strategist who points out that China itself protects its companies from being taken over by foreign nations:

“What’s needed is “an investment approach which is actually quite similar to how China manages foreign investment into its own country, which is to say there are entire sectors which will be off-limits for the purposes of investment,” said Peter Jennings, a former high-level defence adviser and strategist who is now executive director of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, a think tank.”

The overall report is highly disturbing, discussing how China has bought ports, farms, homes, and even critical electrical infrastructure in Australia.

China has also exercised immense influence over Australian politics. The report notes that “two Chinese billionaires alone, with their associates, contributed about $6.7-million to the country’s leading political parties over the course of 10 years, a according to a joint investigation by Fairfax Media and investigative television show Four Corners.”

In a disturbing parallel with Canada, Australia’s Security Intelligence Organization warned political parties about the influence of the two Chinese billionaires (Huang Xiangmo and Chau Chak Wing), but those reports were ignored – despite concerns the billionaires could “exert influence on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party.”

That had serious negative consequences for the independence of Australia, with the report noting, “The parties did little to change course, providing the billionaires leverage. In one striking instance, Mr. Huang threatened to cancel a $400,000 Australian ($402,000) donation to the federal Labor Party. A day later, Labor Senator Sam Dastyari publicly supported China’s controversial policies in the South China Sea.”

Additionally, Australia’s elite have been caught getting passports for rich Chinese donors, and “security forces discovered classified documents in the home of a woman believed to be a Chinese spy.”

“My only advice would be, don’t be fooled.”

Further in the report is an important piece of advice from Jennings – the Australian strategist.

He points to China’s efforts to cast themselves as a “champion of globalization” and a “responsible rising power.”

Jennings is quoted as saying, “My only advice would be, don’t be fooled.” China “very clearly is not like us in terms of values.”

The report also notes a comment from Professor Medcalf, which is an implicit warning to Canada. Medcalf notes that “it is an important signal and lesson to Canada if someone like Malcom Turnbull (Australia’s Prime Minister) is shifting on China.” Adds Medcalf, “Australia is trying quite hard to push back. Australia is focusing on vigilance and transparency and review of laws around espionage and political donations and so on. The signal there is that there’s clearly something wrong.”

We must heed these warnings

Australia provides us with a clear warning against selling our country out to China. Everything mentioned above is a clear vindication of those who refuse to go along with the elitist pro-China propaganda line. It shows the wisdom in Andrew Scheer’s decision to reject free trade with China. And – because we know the Trudeau government is well-aware of what’s happening in Australia – it shows that Justin Trudeau is willing to harm Canadian interests in order to do what China wants.

Thankfully, it’s not too late. Trudeau can be defeated, and his dangerous agenda can be stopped. That’s why we need to get the truth out as much as far and wide as possible, and ensure the elites’ effort to drown our country in pro-China propaganda fails.

Remember: The truth is on our side.

Spencer Fernando


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