America Reviewing Norsat Contracts After Trudeau Approves China Takeover

As expected, the United States is very worried about Justin Trudeau’s dangerous decision to let China take over Norsat.

The takeover, which Trudeau approved without a national security review, has caused outrage within Canada and the United States.

Now, the Pentagon has said they will be reviewing all of their contracts with Norsat.

As reported by the Globe & Mail, “The Pentagon’s re-evaluation could have serious repercussions for Norsat and its new Chinese owner, Hytera Communications Corp. of Shenzhen, China. Norsat sells communications equipment to branches of the U.S. military and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.”

While Trudeau says he “consulted” with Washington about the Chinese takeover, he has not said who he consulted with – leading many people to believe he is lying once again.

A danger to Canada and our allies

Norsat has done sensitive work with the Canadian armed forces, the Pentagon, and some of our other NATO allies. As a result, the Chinese Communist Party could gain access to classified information, putting us and our allies at risk.

In his pathetic subservience to China, Trudeau ignores the fact that China is not an ally of Canada, and their political system and set of values are very different than ours.

As a result, Trudeau risks pushing away our closest ally and biggest trading partner – not to mention a country with similar values to us – in order to gain favour with a ruthless regime that won’t hesitate to betray us at the first opportunity.

That will have serious negative consequences for all of us.

That’s why Canadians need to keep spreading the word and speaking out against Trudeau’s ongoing efforts to sell us out. China is not our ally, and they are not our friend, and we will pay a heavy price if we forget that.

Because of Trudeau’s reckless and disloyal decision, NATO will have to cut all ties with Norsat, and prevent them from getting any contracts in the future. Otherwise we could find our own technology being used against us.

Thanks Justin.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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America should instantly put all military and scientific arrangements and cooperation on hold and demand Trudeau face an American investigative committee to answer for and try to justify his treason. America has to deal very harshly with crap from this jerk. At a minimum, they should cancel all arrangements with Norsat and seize all documentation from that company. It won’t do much good as China has already transmitted or shipped all sensitive information and equipment to China but at least America will have an idea of what Trudeau gave away.



tim pedden

More treason from trudeau and his liberal traitors . Stabbing Canada and Our Allies in the Back to serve the liberal party Masters , Chinese Billionaires that are our ENEMY.

Rocky Potuer

Still amazes me that people in Canada still support this child, it must still be the hair! Wow, we are on a road to destruction!!


Who can blame them. The Americans would be wise to refuse to allow any U.S. Technology to cross the border if its going to be the policy of this gov’t to give or sell hi-tec info to a communist state. I understand our own military uses goods from this company. This just feels wrong on so many levels.


We do share many values with the US citizens but also many we don’t. Universal health care for one. What we don’t share are the values demonstrated by Trump and his amoral administration. Trudeau has the foresight to diversify our trading partners so we do not have to be so reliant on US trade. You don’t seem to give hI’m credit for anything which makes you blatantly partisan and biased. I like a columnist who can present a balanced viewpoint.