Why Does Canada Need A Climate Change Ambassador?

With the appointment of his new ‘climate change ambassador,’ Justin Trudeau has signaled that he is continuing to double-down on policies that will restrict our economy and have the government pick economic winners and losers, all while following the agenda of the United Nations.

Trudeau has appointed former diplomat Jennifer MacIntyre to the role. According to the Canadian Press, her mandate is “to push Canada’s international relationships on the climate change file, including promoting Canadian clean technology businesses abroad.”

This marks a change from what the role was previously under former governments. In the past, the ‘ambassador’ would negotiate climate change treaties.

Why do we need a climate change ambassador?

The ‘climate change ambassador’ is one of those politically-correct government roles that is really about virtue-signalling. Canada already has trade representatives, and if the ambassador isn’t negotiating treaties, it seems the position is just an excuse for another government office to spend our taxpayer dollars on.

We can expect an even higher government bill for dinner at the United Nations and fancy foreign parties.

Instead of more government roles, Canada needs lower taxes, reduced regulations, and a government that takes their boot off the neck of our energy industry.

If only there was a ‘common-sense ambassador’ that could get through to this arrogant, dishonest, and inept government.

Spencer Fernando