Chinese Communist Party Newspaper Attacks Scheer

The Global Times, a Chinese newspaper owned by the Communist Party, has publicly attacked Andrew Scheer for expressing his opposition to “free trade” with the authoritarian communist state.

Scheer’s strong stand in support of Canadian workers and Canadian businesses has been welcomed by many Canadians who are increasingly upset with Justin Trudeau’s ongoing betrayal of our country.

However, it seems China’s Communist rulers aren’t so happy:

“The opposition leader’s statement shows nothing but his arrogant and biased attitude toward China. Scheer’s logic is beguiling but wrong,” said the article.

Another section reads, “If Canada requires a potential FTA [free-trade-agreement] partner country to have the same ideology and labour standards as itself, then it should probably only look at Western countries. Few developing countries could meet Mr. Scheer’s standards for a level playing field.”

The Globe & mail reports that this is seen as an effort to sway public opinion in Canada:

“Jack Jia, publisher of Chinese News in Toronto, said he believes the Global Times article is aimed in part at ethnic Chinese in Canada. “They want to tell Chinese Canadians, ‘We don’t like this guy. Don’t get along with this guy,’” Mr. Jia said.”

Former Canadian ambassador to China David Mulroney told the Globe & Mail, “This is par for the course for the Global Times, which is given fairly free rein to go after foreign governments and foreign officials who are seen to be anti-China. China is much more comfortable attacking Canadian Conservatives, whom it considers pretty much irrevocably unfriendly than Liberals, who are seen as old friends.”

Adds Mulroney, “The biggest story out of China today is that Nobel Prize winner Liu Xiaobo appears to be dying of cancer. He has been released from official confinement but will almost certainly die a prisoner of the state, something that last happened to a Nobel laureate in Nazi Germany in the 1930s,” Mr. Mulroney said. “It’s getting hard to normalize relations with an increasingly abnormal China.”

Trudeau has an important choice to make

Justin Trudeau must immediately disavow and condemn the anti-Scheer editorial from China. Whatever our political differences may be, Canadians must stand up for each other when a foreign power attacks us.

If Justin Trudeau wants to show he has even a shred of loyalty to Canada left, he must refute China’s attack on Scheer. Otherwise, he will only confirm what more and more Canadians are realizing: Justin Trudeau is more loyal to China than he is to Canada, and is willing to sell our country out to the Communist regime.

Spencer Fernando


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