WHAT? Trudeau Blames Opposition For Budget Deficit

Justin Trudeau has gone off the deep end.

Perhaps his declining popularity ratings are starting to get to him, since he thinks he is above being questioned or challenged.

Whatever it is, his answers in a press conference today were totally absurd.

Despite having a majority government, Trudeau is blaming the Conservatives for his broken promises on the budget deficit.

In the press conference, Trudeau said, “If you tally up the promises we made [in our election platform], it was about $10 billion worth of new spending. In our first year, our first budget as we put forward, we committed to about $10 billion in new spending.”

“We just went from a floor where the budget was balanced, because supposedly the Conservatives had balanced the budget, to what was the reality of our budget of being at about $18 billion in deficit the end of that first year. So we’ve been consistent in our plan and our approach,” he added.

You won’t be surprised to hear that Trudeau is 100% wrong.

He is lying through his teeth.

As was reported in April of 2016, the Trudeau government was already claiming they were left with a deficit, despite having been left a $7.5 billion surplus by the Conservatives.

Now, Trudeau is once again trying to deceive the Canadian people. His refusal to take responsibility and his effort to pin the blame on others shows his lack of leadership ability and his total lack of integrity.

Trudeau is also blaming both the NDP and Conservatives for the failure of electoral reform. He told the press conference that “The NDP were anchored in proportional representation as being the only way forward… The Conservatives wanted the status quo no matter what, and the only way to break that logjam would have been to do a national referendum on electoral reform, which I definitely don’t think was in the best interest of Canadians.”

Again, Trudeau is lying.

He has a majority government. If he wanted to, he could have passed any kind of electoral reform his government wanted. Additionally, he has admitted himself that he decided to shut down the electoral reform discussion. So for him to try blaming the opposition now is crazy. Though he claims he “didn’t want to use his majority,” the truth is that he couldn’t force the NDP to agree with his personal electoral reform choice, so like a spoiled child who doesn’t get their way, he took the ball and went home.

Trudeau is once again showing that he has no interest in being a leader who works with others and unites Canadians. Instead, he is trying to tear our country apart for his own selfish electoral advantage.

It’s absolutely pathetic.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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What a lying narcissist. We have a big baby running our country. 2019 can’t come soon enough!!!


You are dam right Spencer, Justin is PATHETIC and add to that A BLOODY LIAR. Lying through his teeth knowing full well his pathetic media would find no fault in anything he says or does is his daily ritual. He is like a spoilt child if nothing goes his way or is caught with his pants down, he blames others for his problems.
I don’t how the media can keep up with the liberal charades of lies; they have got to be hard as stone not to feel disgusted with themselves.

Catherine Coffey

Mr. Trudeau has started drinking his own kool-aid. That can only help defeat him in the long run.

Randy N

It’s worse than the lies. I suspect he can’t comprehend things like budgets. From what I’ve seen, surfing and selfies are as deep as this fella gets. Insofar as leadership is concerned, he’s a brand and nothing more.


He should of stayed a drama teacher, can’t believe people voted for him. He doesn’t even know what the truth is, I think he believes his own BS.

Evelyn Sather

Everything I was afraid of has come to fruition with Justin. He has done an amazing job of ruining our country while creating a whopping debt-load for generations to come! He has gone above and beyond to destroy the essence of what is truly Canadian, and has put Canadian safety at the bottom of his priority list. He is ignoring the plight of our Veterans & senior citizens, all the while taking the money that should have been used to improve living conditions for Vets and Seniors (who spent years building this country!) and giving it to immigrants who have… Read more »