Is B.C. Heading To Another Election?

While the last election in British Columbia just finished, it seems the province could be heading towards another political fight.

The political chaos stems from the results of the last campaign, where the governing Liberals won 43 seats, the NDP 41, and the Greens 3.

The NDP and Greens have formed an agreement to work together, giving them a bare-majority of 44 seats in the 87 seat legislature.

However, a speaker will have to be appointed from either the NDP or Greens, meaning the parties will be evenly split.

This could create an unstable political situation, and that is reportedly what Premier Christy Clark plans to tell Lt. Governor Judith Guichon. Clark is almost certain to lose a confidence vote on Thursday, which would then prompt Clark to resign. However, as she meets with Guichon to resign, she says she will advise the Lt. Governor that the NDP-Green alliance is unworkable – if asked.

Said Clark, “I’ve got to be honest, you’ve seen what I’ve seen this last week, it isn’t working,” Clark told a news conference on Wednesday. “There is no effort on the part of either party to work together. Or to collaborate. This isn’t a working legislature. And I haven’t seen any evidence it could work. If she asks me about that, that’s the advice I have to give her because it has to be an honest conversation.”

This could increase the odds that Guichon would dissolve the legislature and initiate another election.

The NDP and Greens want the chance to take power, with potential Premier-in-waiting John Horgan saying, “I’m hopeful she (the Lt. Governor) will do the right thing. We should be given an opportunity to govern.”

That said, given the fact that any government would be on a constant knife-edge, it wouldn’t be surprising if B.C. is back at the polls quite soon.

Spencer Fernando