ISIS Beheads Civilians In Philippine City Of Marawi

A gruesome discovery has been made by the Philippine Military as they continue their fight against ISIS terrorists.

According to Reuters, soldiers found the bodies of 17 dead civilians after taking a section of the city from the Islamists.

Five of those killed had been decapitated.

In total, 71 members of the Philippine security forces have been killed, along with 299 terrorists. 246,000 people have been displaced by the ongoing fighting.

As noted by Reuters, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte“said the Philippines was now dealing with “a very dangerous situation” due to young Muslims inspired by the “mass insanity” of Islamic State.”

Added Duterte, “All they do is just to kill and destroy, and killing in a most brutal way. “They enjoy decapitating people in front of cameras. They have to be dealt with, with the same ferocity but not the brutality.”

The Philippine Military says they are making progress against ISIS, but that progress is coming very slowly, and they have been forced to launch air strikes and mortar attacks within their own country to push back against the terrorists.

Depth of the ISIS threat

There are some who like to blame the West for ISIS, as if the threat of Islamist terrorism is the responsibility of Western democracies. Yet, the fact that the Philippines is dealing with such a serious battle against ISIS shows that the threat is not limited to Western nations. ISIS is the enemy of the entire civilized world, and they cannot be appeased by political correctness or wishful thinking.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube