LISTEN: Talking Churchill & Securing Canada’s North With Hal Anderson

I recently appeared on 680 CJOB to talk to Hal Anderson about the struggles facing Churchill, Manitoba, and the importance of building up our military in Northern Canada.

You can listen to our conversation below:

Spencer Fernando

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Good luck on this issue. Trudud won’t fund our military to the level it needs to function let alone providing a presence in the north. Bases even further north should have been in place decades ago and Churchill would be a great gateway to it all.

Wesley wesolowski

I suggest churchill as military base over 20 years ago because the port and it qould benefit the region but also save on response time like Crash C-130 from CFB Edmonton 418 wing on rountine supply mission and crash short of CFS Alert in early 1991 would save the response time and launch the biggest search rescue operation in history at rhe time we had USAF involved and more. Plus Canadians are only in the north we really have in the region for defense at all. It high time churchill be turn into a major navy only has to base… Read more »