Trudeau Must Disavow China’s Attack On Scheer

As was reported yesterday, the Global Times – a newspaper owned by the Chinese Communist Party – attacked Andrew Scheer for opposing a “free trade” deal between us and China.

The article attacks Scheer for criticizing China’s record on human rights and their treatment of workers. “The opposition leader’s statement shows nothing but his arrogant and biased attitude toward China. Scheer’s logic is beguiling but wrong,” says the article.

It should be noted that the Global Times is seen as speaking directly for China’s ruling elite. That means the direct written attack on Scheer is coordinated by the Communist Party of China, and is exactly the message China wants to send.

Interfering in our democracy

As was noted yesterday, this is an attempt to influence public opinion in Canada. Referring to the Communist Party of China, Jack Jia, the publisher of China News in Toronto told the Globe & Mail that “They want to tell Chinese Canadians, ‘We don’t like this guy. Don’t get along with this guy.”

This is a direct attack by a foreign government on our Canadian democracy, and upon a Canadian politician. A foreign government is trying to influence the votes of Canadian citizens.

Former Canadian Ambassador to China David Mulroney also weighed in, saying, “China is much more comfortable attacking Canadian Conservatives, whom it considers pretty much irrevocably unfriendly than Liberals, who are seen as old friends.”

Considering how weak and subservient Justin Trudeau is with China, and how willing he has been to betray Canadian interests to the Chinese government, many people are now wondering if there is collusion between the Trudeau government and China to try and sway Canadian public opinion against those – like Andrew Scheer – who stand up against China’s attempts to buy out our country.

Trudeau must disavow China’s attack

The increasing doubts about Justin Trudeau’s loyalty to Canada is exactly why he must disavow China’s written attack against Andrew Scheer, and why he must condemn their attempt to interfere in our democracy.

Our nation, and our citizens must always come first. The Global Times article is not the same as a private foreign independent newspaper criticizing somebody. The Global Times speaks for China’s Communist Party. And whatever political differences we have within our country, Canadians must stand up for each other and defend each other when attacked by foreign governments.

While disavowing and denouncing China’s attack on Scheer wouldn’t erase the growing concerns over Trudeau’s subservience to China, it would demonstrate that he retains at least some loyalty to Canada.

If he refuses to do so, we can only assume that the worst fears about Trudeau’s disloyalty to Canada and willingness to do China’s bidding are true. 

Canada needs leaders who serve the Canadian people, not the government of China.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Sandra Clark

This is Canada…Not China and not their business. Butt out. I wonder what goes through Justin Trudeau’s mind, sometimes. This is what happens when you start selling your country out to other countries and letting them have a grip on you. Slippery slope, Trudeau. Andrew Sheer is part of our Parliament and the leader of the Conservative Party….Time for Trudeau to step up on the plate and put a stop to this. We can’t even go to the store anymore and find products or even food, that does not come from China, where everything is grown in pollution, with chemicals… Read more »


Sandra, “Butt out”, Was that a Freudian slip?


“Trudeau must disavow China’s attack” we won’t hold our breath.

don morris

“This is a direct attack by a foreign government on our Canadian democracy, and upon a Canadian politician. A foreign government is trying to influence the votes of Canadian citizens.” Hardly. The government of China doesn’t like Scheer’s position on an FTA,and is entitled to say so. This isn’t “an attack on our democracy”, it’s a simple statement by a communist Paper,same as the many EU Papers that said critical comments about Harper. There’s no election for two years,so it’s unlikely that any statements by China at this time will influence any voters in 2019, what with the average voter… Read more »


He will never say anything against what China says ,, He cares more for them then Canada,, but yet he talks about P.Trump ,, Maybe he should look in the mirror , Speak out on what they said against Mr. Scheer .But we all know you will not say anything.. Shame on you hateful person who cares more for others then Canadians


It used to be nice to go down to China Town for chinese food, now china town seems to run from Toronto to Vancouver, The chinese are pouring into this country by the hundreds of thousand, and buying up every house they can get their hands on, and driving up house prices so high that young Canadian family’s, can’t afford to buy a house, not unless they have a million in the bank. And the Trudeau Liberals slap a 15% foreign buyers tax which as they know is a joke, it should be 50% or better still no foreign buyers… Read more »