Canada’s Iraq Presence Extended To 2019

Canadian troops will be remaining in Iraq until at least March of 2019.

The announcement of the mission extension was made by Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan.

Canada is in what the government calls an “advise and assist” mission against the Islamic State.

According to the Canadian Press, “The government is adding the authority to provide training for new potential partners within the Iraqi security forces, as well as a CC-130J Hercules aircraft for tactical airlift.”

The extension is expected to cost $371.4 million over the next two years.

Government dishonesty?

The Trudeau government is facing increasing criticism regarding their messaging around the mission. As mentioned above, the government calls it an “advise and assist” mission, and say we aren’t in a combat role. However, Canadian soldiers have been involved in combat against ISIS. That reality was made clear with recent news that an amazing Canadian sniper took out an ISIS terrorist from 3,540 metres away – the greatest shot in world history.

Considering the ongoing dishonesty being shown by the Trudeau government, nobody would be surprised to find that they are lying about our exact role in Iraq.

Spencer Fernando