DISTURBING: Trudeau Considering Mass “AMNESTY” For Immigration & Refugee Claimants

100,000 could automatically get approved to stay in Canada – without a hearing.

In a great Toronto Sun article about how the Trudeau government is politicizing Canada’s immigration system, Lorne Gunter revealed a very concerning possibility:

“There may also be a third, even more sinister motive behind the Liberals delaying tactics. At least two sources with direct knowledge of the Liberals’ long-term immigration strategy confirm the Trudeau government is considering a general amnesty in 2018 for most outstanding immigration and refugee claimants.”

Adds Gunter, “How convenient. If that happens, that could mean 100,000 or more new voters before the next federal election in 2019, and all of them extremely grateful to Justin Trudeau and the Liberals.”

There are at least 100,000 people in the country who have not had an immigration or refugee hearing. A big part of that backlog is due to the Trudeau government refusing to re-appoint immigration judges appointed by Harper, and refusing to re-appoint most of the male judges. As a result, there is a huge shortage.

So, to fill that backlog, the Trudeau government may just approve everybody. That could have serious risks. As Gunter points out, “Where applicants are the subject of a deportation order because they have committed a crime, or where they are suspected of entering into marriages of convenience simply to sneak a spouse into the country or when they have filled out fraudulent application forms, it is very risky to pencil-whip their approval to stay in Canada.”

Canada should be welcoming, but not naive

Canada should be a country that welcomes immigrants. When handled properly, immigration offers important benefits to our nation. With that said, being welcoming is not the same as being naive. By simply approving tons of applicants – without regard to our national security or the integrity of our system – would be a big mistake.

It is incredibly cynical for the Trudeau government to create a huge backlog, and then “solve” it in a way that could be dangerous for Canada – all to improve their own political fortunes.

Canadians deserve far better, and if Trudeau brings in an amnesty we must speak out against it, and stand up for the safety and integrity of our immigration system.

Read: Gunter’s full article on Trudeau politicizing the immigration system

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Going to say it again….we must separate now.


With NDP in Alberta, an NDP-Green coalition now in BC, who would want us in a case of seperation? Saskatchewan and Manitoba at least seem to have sane governments (for the time being), but may not have the resources to make it on their own.
Get rid of the political commies out west and the four western provinces could probably make a decent run at independence.


I can’t understand, why Trudeau can get away, with bringing in all these so called refugees in, it is against the immigration laws! A lot of these people, that are crossing over the borders, are from Haitian, and Haitian is not a war torn country. A lot these people are criminals who are crossing over the borders, they all should be deported! No one should be able to cross over the borders and expect amnesty! The borders need to be closed! Trudeau needs to be removed ASAP we Canadian taxpayers are tired of Trudeau’s dictatorship, his corruption, he is a… Read more »

V. Justice

It is happening and getting worse every single day because we invited too many idiots into this country. It is happening because Trueass supports radical Islam and is being Soros’ puppet!


The problem isn’t who we invited, it’s who some of us elected!!


You are so right!


I agree why hasn’t he been arrested

Sharon Johnson

It’s because Trudeau and his caucus have a majority and can pass any law they want no matter how much he knows that Canadians don’t want it. He is rubbing your nose in this and laughing about how stupid people are for voting for him especially women. He thought he could manipulate the young university women and it worked. For all their education they voted with their eyes swooning about how handsome they thought he was and showing how shallow these women really were. Here is lesson number one in voting girls, research the promises being made and don’t take… Read more »


I 100% AGREE!!


No amnesty. If he does that he should immediately step down. Game on him and the Liberal party. Shame on them all. This should be against the law. Ioppose him completely. I want him to stop and listen. His arrogance has gone to far.

canada1950 Cheryl

You are completely right. I can’t understand why Canadians are not putting up a fight, to stop this insane idea. I call the PMs’ office and of course it is an answering machine, leave my name and phone number yet never get a call back. I guess he does not agree with my opinion. Would that be because, I don’t agree with him on any decision he makes?


Becareful voters, you are not given instant residency to live free or do what you want…you are given instant residency to give your pimp Justin your solemn oath to vote for him and his party alone. IF failed to do so and his voting numbers are down knowing that it has to must at a certain number, you will be deported. Justin may be all smiles and platitudes but with his dark angels of media he is nasty as it comes. What makes those immigration think for one sec that JUSTIN will give a dam about them when he doesn’t… Read more »


I couldn’t of said it better than that you nailed it Jen


Agree with Mike …..well said Jen

Bill Simbirski

Trudeau is not interested in Canadians or Canada He is interested in Trudeau.We are living In a democratic country but. Majority Govrerments change all that .He can do what he wants like it or not.


That’s exactly why he did create the backlog to be able to say that the immigration system cant manage it and he becomes the savior by finding a terrible solution. It’s all planned for him to get more electors. Trudeau wants to turn this country into a communist country. It would have looked farfetched 2 years ago but it now looks like very much a reality.

Jan Scheit

The problem is that this kind of stuff works. I work with a Christian refugee from Pakistan. Will always vote Liberal, no matter what. because they were in power when his family came to Canada. This is a problem, a big problem because it creates a class of immigrant who are more loyal to a political party than they are to Canada. Liberals don’t care because their ultimate goal is centralized and globalized governance. Canada, as a sovereign nation, is just an obstacle to be overcome. People like my colleague make those obstacles surmountable. This is abusive, corrupt governance. I… Read more »

Steven Anthony

Trudeau wants to destroy Canada! He wants to do what his buddy Obama did in the U.S.! He should be removed from office!

jack grandville

At this point in history, Steven, there can be no logical argument to your comment, although it may well be too late.

Gertrud Postma

How can that be done,???????

Sandra Clark

What else is new? Trudeau will get all the votes he needs when re-election time comes. The new immigrants will vote for whoever brings them in and gives to them. When I read posts on other sites that immigrants comment on, I know exactly where this will go…..stuff like…Trudeau good man. He give us everything. Love Trudeau. Trudeau save us. I have good home, I vote Trudeau. He welcome us. Canada good place. I have everything. Have good life here….etc., etc. Well, Trudeau knows what is good for him…votes. Buying votes. He’ll even con us, the long standing Canadians. He’ll… Read more »

Rob Clarke

The cons were even worse. Vote Libertarian.

Jan Scheit

No, they weren`t, but Libertarianism is definitely an attractive alternative to anyone who still believes in freedom.

Red (@Red_Serge7)

Anyone who doesn’t like this should be sending an email or letter to their local MP and a copy to their local NDP and Liberal candidate (or whatever two parties were the runners up). You should also be encouraging your relatives, friends, and loved ones to do the same.

Renee Houde Edwardh

Trudeau is doing a good job at ruining Canada’s future by inviting major trouble and a multitude of problems allowing some very bad people with criminal records. He definitely is not thinking straight or as this article suggests he only wants thousands to vote for him at the next election. I hate politiians.


This is NO ACCIDENT- He has been planning his “TAKE OVER” since the beginning. He in the process of becoming a DICTATOR, as he so admires!!!! If we wait until the next election, it will most likely be too late.

Jill Ward

Yvette, exactly right and I have been saying this since well before the last election and here we are. There aren’t many actual canadians here anymore and the ones who are here are lazy assed cowards and traitors themselves who believe it is someone elses job to come fight our battles for us , WELL NO ONE IS COMING AS WE CONTINUE TO PISS ON THE GRAVES OF THOSE WHO FOUGHT FOR US IN THE PAST! Far too many foreigners (mostly having arrived within the past 30 years) living here are here for the most part to cash in on… Read more »

Rick Churchill

Disturbing, but par for our Prime Minister and his Puppet Party: dig a hole for the safety and security of the Canadian people and then cover it over with a general amnesty to address the problem that he personally created.


This is not Trudeau, he’s not smart enough. Think about it.. for that clueless idiot to actually come up with any of this on his own.?…Not..He’s to busy admiring himself, trying to read and remember what’s on the cards for the next day. We have all seen him when its time for him to answer question on his own, It’s suicide for him and his party.. No there are others at work here, and they are running the show.

dave brown

I hope you bloody idiots who voted this useless ass in are proud ?

He refuses to replace the Adjudicators who will interview these People. The ones in Que who have waited so long will get amnesty and their wait will fade along with the injustice. Truduea relies on this. He will, as his a Father did pander to specialty groups at all cost and break any Law required to acquire mass votes. Those that support him and his agenda, will see the repercussion of his agenda years later. His Father the same. Trudeau as his father did, will insult the First Nation People and rely on those that feel that First Nations have… Read more »


I live in fear of what this Liberal gov. will do next. Just look at what Obama did to the USA

Ben Eby

You’ve got it!

Bob Fry

Justin Trudeau’s plan is very transparent to a point of outright ridiculous. This is vote buying for the 2019 elections, and when you add on his new bill to let new immigrants into Canada and be able to vote within a year of being in Canada. Who does he think he is truly fooling, besides himself.


I t so happened that I became acquainted with a pleasant fellow . a migrant from Bulgaria. And I used to see him around town occasionally and we would exchange pleasantries. This was in Yellowknife, N.W.T. by the way, just thought I would throw that in. He was working and fitting in and people seemed to like him. One day while cabbing it, a member of the Bulgarian community who was driving the hack, asks me, hey how’s your little friend., Andrew? I HAD TO ADMIT , that I had not seen him around and we were only acquaintences. So,… Read more »

jack grandville

At this moment in time, with this government, does anyone truly believe this ‘backlog’ is, in any respect, an accident? Not bloody likely!


We had young Muslims walking down our street shouting Allah Allah. 8 am very worried about my kids walking down this street especially my girls when you read the incidents that are going on in England right now of young women being in danger walking down their streets. NOW IT IS IN CANADA.

V. Justice

Girls again need to learn self-defense. I would provide mine with pepper sprays in case of defense! Also, let them carry a whistle on their key chain.


Let them carry a metal ball point one, it’s not a weapon not illegal but very good for “poking” holes if needed in self defence


time to impeach TRUDEAU for non confidence


This is if no surprises to me. If you know Obama, you will know his white buddy truetraitor. The theme is the same by all these globalist leaders. Failure it intrigrate isn’t immigration, it’s an invasion!




Trudeau and each MP that backs his treasonous acts should be tried and jailed with pensions revoked, assets seized and passports permanently revoked


Why are you so vulgar gentleman. You have no education. ? I suggest you try attending college.

Vaughan bethell

I followed the rules for my citizenship.. i am proud to be Canadian.. i have immersed myself into the comunity and what Trudeau has done and is doing disgusts me.. he has devalued what it is to be Canadianq.. he is quite simply trying to destroy Canada. The Western provinces should separate before its to late.. all we are good for is paying the bills


When you leave you will of course pay off your share of debt accumulated on your behalf
Payment must be in cash
Don’t let the food slam you in the butts as you leave


I agree Vaughan.


Ladies and gentlemen, this is all Speculation. Everything I have read here comes with no basis of facts. Somebody else out there will tell you he loves what Trudeau is doing . We can have differences but please Vulgarity is senseless attitude .

Ben Eby

Trudeau’s cronies know we are very weak at offering resistance to anything. They have us figured pretty accurately….that’s why they do anything they want, whenever they want. We gave Canada away as a decent place to live and invest, with the election of 2015. Sadly, we may never recover….unless we learn to fight back against socialist policy.

Renee Houde

All the immigrants will vote Trudeau. That is the only reason he wants so many immigrants. I really despise this man.

Tom Lauriault

Justin Trudeau must go. We need to have a vote in Parliament that will invoke another election. We can’t afford to wait for the next normal election cycle. A no confidence vote in parliament will accomplish that. At which point, right minded Canadians should mobilize for a massive march on Ottawa and a massive vote to remove the Liberal Government from power.

V. Justice

June 12, 2018 rally in Ottawa at the Parliament Hill is designated for this purpose! Mark your calendar and share widely!!


who says we have to be welcoming?

V. Justice

If this happens and there won’t be a solid proof that they have no criminal background and are admissible by the standard immigration regulation, it will be EVERY CANADIAN RESPONSIBILITY TO STAND UP AND START RALLYING UNTIL TRUDEAU IS REMOVED FROM THE PARLIAMENT AND JAILED!!!! DON’T MISS THIS CHANCE, PEOPLE! BE PREPARED AND READY!!!


not only does he need to be jailed, so do each and every MP that votes for his treasonous acts.. his assets should be forfeited upon conviction, his passport permanently revoked , pensions revoked and any income they make be garnished to the fullest extent of the Canadian laws.


Are you saying they will also be granted citizenship for 2019’s election?

Shawn Oriley

People of Canada the problem here is the house of commons it is run by the liberals and Trudeau’s party and should be shut down. This party is above the laws of Canada and with the help of The house they get away with a thing we would be in jail. This so-called leader should have been arrested a long time ago for treason and until now no police force has started an investigation because of the justice department run by Trudeau.He and his party has milked Canadians out of millions of dollars and they hide it all somewhere nobody… Read more »


i agree with Shawn o’reilly entirely, however not only should the all be arrested and jailed. they also must have their collective pensions seize, assets seized ( all to repay the debt that trudeau and every politician that backed him created

Frances Gruno

We need to have this idiot arrested.

K Sully

Just think what a coincidence….. in the western society coffers lie over 16 trillion dollars in pensions. Our great leaders seem to have come up with a plan to get it back …. just destroy our system.

Liverpool Sailor

Reading all these comments may I suggest that you get off your butts and protest against this guy and his party. I firmly believe that there are back bench MP’s in the liberal party that would cross the floor if this Prime Idiot tries to do this and will want to save their and our country. If not God forbid what will happen in my country. Soros and his Puppet are hell bent on destroying our country with ths open border society. We will need to stand together and defeat this nonsense.


This is a good comment and good advice. If he won with 39%, this number can be changed. People need to get out and vote. People need to write letters and speak their minds.

beverly smith

I had a feeling Trudeau was going to pull something like this. He and his cronies have to be