DISTURBING: Trudeau Considering Mass “AMNESTY” For Immigration & Refugee Claimants

100,000 could automatically get approved to stay in Canada – without a hearing.

In a great Toronto Sun article about how the Trudeau government is politicizing Canada’s immigration system, Lorne Gunter revealed a very concerning possibility:

“There may also be a third, even more sinister motive behind the Liberals delaying tactics. At least two sources with direct knowledge of the Liberals’ long-term immigration strategy confirm the Trudeau government is considering a general amnesty in 2018 for most outstanding immigration and refugee claimants.”

Adds Gunter, “How convenient. If that happens, that could mean 100,000 or more new voters before the next federal election in 2019, and all of them extremely grateful to Justin Trudeau and the Liberals.”

There are at least 100,000 people in the country who have not had an immigration or refugee hearing. A big part of that backlog is due to the Trudeau government refusing to re-appoint immigration judges appointed by Harper, and refusing to re-appoint most of the male judges. As a result, there is a huge shortage.

So, to fill that backlog, the Trudeau government may just approve everybody. That could have serious risks. As Gunter points out, “Where applicants are the subject of a deportation order because they have committed a crime, or where they are suspected of entering into marriages of convenience simply to sneak a spouse into the country or when they have filled out fraudulent application forms, it is very risky to pencil-whip their approval to stay in Canada.”

Canada should be welcoming, but not naive

Canada should be a country that welcomes immigrants. When handled properly, immigration offers important benefits to our nation. With that said, being welcoming is not the same as being naive. By simply approving tons of applicants – without regard to our national security or the integrity of our system – would be a big mistake.

It is incredibly cynical for the Trudeau government to create a huge backlog, and then “solve” it in a way that could be dangerous for Canada – all to improve their own political fortunes.

Canadians deserve far better, and if Trudeau brings in an amnesty we must speak out against it, and stand up for the safety and integrity of our immigration system.

Read: Gunter’s full article on Trudeau politicizing the immigration system

Spencer Fernando


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