WATCH: Parliament Hill Protesters Launch Racist Rant At Reporters

This doesn’t look like “reconciliation”

A group of Indigenous demonstrators who have been protesting on Parliament Hill held a press conference today that quickly descended into racist rants directed at reporters.

When the topic turned to the issue of missing and murdered indigenous women, CBC reporter Julie Van Dusen asked whether Justin Trudeau was to blame for indigenous teens who have gone missing in Ontario. Van Dusen also asked if the protestors saw a difference between Trudeau and Harper on the issue.

Van Dusen was clearly looking for a pro-Trudeau answer. She even prefaced her question by saying “most Canadians think Justin Trudeau is making an effort.” As I’ve said before, if Trudeau really wanted to help the many Indigenous communities that are in serious poverty – alongside the many millions of Canadians who are struggling – he would end foreign aid and focus on fixing Canada.

So, Van Dusen’s question was clearly biased towards Trudeau. That being said, she absolutely did not deserve the racist rant you’re about to witness below:

First of all, while much of the establishment media won’t call the comments by Jocelyn Wabano-Iahtail and Sophie McKeown racist, that is the only word that accurately describes it.

Bringing up Van Dusen’s race, and referring to her as “white lady,” and then attacking another reporter as a “white man,” is a dehumanizing and disrespectful act, and needs to be called out as such. Racism is racism, regardless of the race or background of the perpetrator.

Just imagine the gigantic firestorm if the roles were reversed.

The over the top and extreme rhetoric won’t win anybody over. In fact, it will push people away. Neither Stephen Harper nor Justin Trudeau are guilty of a “genocide” and it is insane to think the United Nations should, would, or can, “arrest” our leaders.

There have been real and terrible crimes committed by past governments against Indigenous people. Those crimes should not be swept under the rug, and they cannot – and should not – ever be forgotten.

But there is no way to go back in time and undo that. Canadians are united in wanting to see more prosperity and opportunity in our country, and wanting all Indigenous people to share in the potential of our great country. At the same time, the reality is that there is no genocide taking place today and to say otherwise is simply factually incorrect.

No nation is perfect, and Canada is no exception to that. Yet, that doesn’t change the fact that Canada is the greatest nation in the world, and we have much to celebrate. Feeling ashamed about the past, and demonizing people based on their race will only serve to tear our country apart. For Canada’s sake, we must move forward.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Joseph Labonte

Extremely bitter towards the “white man”. Enormous strife in their communities and in communities all across the country. Huge problems within a Canada that is divided by issues from federal government that would pander to the world. We are being eaten from the inside by a cancerous tumour known as foreign investment. A totally ass backward approach to prosperity for Canadians.


There are many aboriginal groups out there that have businesses that includes with the white man as it is the ‘white man’ who camp in their campgrounds, play golf in their courses buy their wine and so on. I have camped on their grounds and played on their courses. If they were to throw the racist remarks at my face, I would NOT be camping, golfing nor buying their wine and their businesses will eventually wither away. Unfortunately for these Aboriginal Businessmen, they are caught in the middle and their voices are rarely heard. Even for those aboriginal communities who… Read more »

Alex MacIntyre

Technically wouldnt SHE be homeless if their victors did not show sympathy and let them live on reserves?… Just saying.. I think these people have it backwards lol…

dan zawacki

Everything is the Whiteman’s fault you have to be kidding me , I live in thunder bay, and no its not the police or the Whiteman’s fault , you yourself have to take reasonably for your own actions , its not the Whiteman who is reasonable for the killings here, but right away we get blamed , maybe clean up your own backyards before you send those kids here