DIVISIVE: Trudeau Says Canada Belongs “More” To Immigrants

Once again, Justin Trudeau divides Canadians for his selfish political gain.

I am the son of an immigrant. My father came to Canada from Trinidad when he was 14 years old. I am grateful for the fact that Canada is a welcoming nation, and I know that many immigrants, and the children of immigrants feel the same way. I remember the sense of pride my father felt when he became a Canadian citizen and officially joined the Canadian family.

With that said, there is a big difference between proclaiming that Canada belongs to all of nation’s citizens, and saying that Canada somehow belongs “more” to immigrants.

Unfortunately, that’s what Justin Trudeau said in an interview with CTV News.

Trudeau started off by saying he was “jealous” of immigrants who chose Canada:

“Anytime I meet people who got to make the deliberate choice, whose parents chose Canada, I’m jealous. “Because I think being able to choose it, rather than being Canadian by default, is an amazing statement of attachment to Canada,” said Trudeau.

Then, after referring to people he called “intolerant,” Trudeau made the statement that has angered many people. Speaking of immigrants, Trudeau said, You chose this country. This is your country more than it is for others because we take it for granted.”

Trudeau’s comments were divisive, and insulting to the tens of millions of Canadians born in this country.

Had Trudeau said that Canada belongs to both those born in Canada and those who immigrated here, he would be on solid ground. Canada belongs to all Canadian citizens. But by going further, Trudeau is creating a deliberate divide, and is trying to elevate immigrants above Canadians born in this country.

Not only is it wrong for Trudeau to say Canada belongs more to some Canadian citizens than others, but it’s absurd for him to say those born in this country take it for granted. Would he say that to the face of Canadian-born soldiers who risk their lives for our country? Would he say it to police officers and firefighters who risk their lives to keep people safe? Would he say it to the millions of Canadians who work hard everyday and provide the taxes and production that keeps Canada going? Would he say that to those whose families have been in Canada for 50, 100, 150 years, and even longer?

Does he really think we all take this country for granted?

If so, his attitude is absolutely disgraceful.

Once again, we see Justin Trudeau dividing Canadians for his own selfish political gain. He wants more votes from immigrants, so he’s trying to divide those born in Canada and those born outside Canada, hoping the split goes his way. Yet, I think most Canadians, whether born here or not, are starting to see through Trudeau’s manipulative attitude.

Trying to divide us is the exact opposite of what a leader should be doing. Bringing Canada together requires focusing on what we have in common, not what separates us. A nation cannot be held together simply be repeating “diversity” over and over again as if it’s a magic incantation. Out of many people we seek to forge a strong and unified nation with security and prosperity for all, yet Trudeau is undermining that objective with his pathetic pandering political correctness.

If our country wants to be celebrating Canada 200 in 50 years, the scheme of separating and dividing Canadians must end. Nationalism, Patriotism, and Unity will be our strength, and we must defeat any leader who seeks to pit Canadians against each other just to win some votes.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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this poor excuse for a leader cannot say anything else…how did he ever get there ….


He was put there…forget about the facade of elections. No one with no brain in his head gets to the PM position without good ole fashioned corruption. Welcome to the Third World Order.


Soros and the Obama Team……………

don morris

No,Desmarais and the Quebec power structure.


How did he get there? Free stuff and cool hair and legalizing dope…………..Harper was boring with balanced budgets/etc. Trudeau is Canada’s Obama……..I’m waiting for Canada’s Trump


I also, a lean, mean, get things done machine….

Ana Gomes

Anybody interested in compiling and listing the idiotic comments and opinions expressed by this “beloved “PM?
Reminding people of such platitudes and such pure absurdities would be very useful for our next election.
We must not forget. and we must feel humble when talking about Trump. We have worse here in Canada. Only our problem is protected by the media paid with our taxpayers money.
Besides, Trump is never going to destroy his country. The dangerous one is Trudeau with his Communist Globalism.


Agree totally …there should be a legal tool for removing a senior politician from office when his / her behavior totally contradicts the public good or majority public opinion …. and that, BEFORE the designated term expires….It is difficult to find in history comments /actions from dignitaries that equate the absolute stupidity of this irresponsible lamebrain …and a stupidity that brings dire & long term consequences ..he is not ready and more than an issue of readiness , he will never fit …

don morris

You’ll be waiting along time,instead of Trump we have Liberal-lite opposition featuring lifetime trough hogs,no Trump style businessmen.

Brenda B VanRootselaar

Sadly Kevin O’Leary dropped out. I think he would have our “Trump”


bright and wise people might be seen as boring ….

Scott Smith


Debbie C.

Me too, I’m waiting for Canada’s Trump too. 🙂


you and me BOTH !!!! If only we could choose ….


NOTHING is FREE!!! There will be a terrible price to be paid by Canadians!


idiot voters that is how


In all fairness and I never voted him, but like his Dad he caters to specialty groups. When Pierre came out……. A lot of voters came out with him……Junior also has this vote and the fast track of immagrints, not to mention how he lied and conned the ones who believed that he had a mere shred of integrity. Professional student with no skills. Not even kayaking…… and with the money that he grew up with. Girly man me thinks.

Debbie C.

Aww come on now, everyone is entitled to a mistake, aren’t they? 🙂 I know I could kick myself.

Sherri Emery

Well he did just tell new immigrants ” This is your country more than it is for others because we take it for granted.” Which is not just a slap in the face to the First Nation people, but most all Canadians..

Joseph Labonte

He can shove his “Diversity” up his sunny way and while he’s at it, take his nation within a nation “Quebec” into that rosy place also. The man is a two faced liar, a Quebec separatist and would turncoat on Canada, he’s flashed his cards and people in the west and all over Canada know it. Ugh….ly


a high price to pay for fake change ….

Thomas Tass

Trudeau has now stepped over the line and is now firmly in the shameless despicable race and ethnic baiting territory. Until now his stupidity and narcissism could be ignored but this is now beyond the pale. He and his goons must be tossed out of office if integrity and truth is ever to be returned to federal politics.


Never could ignore his stupidity and narcissism but the more he talks , the uglier he gets ..

Rick Churchill

Trudeau is carrying on a tradition begun by his father. Divide segments of the population, play one region against another, destroy the social and economic fabric of our country and squander our riches abroad to buy himself prestige on the world stage – and answer to his UN overlords. It does not matter that he may alienate Canadians, he will merely import more voters, buy their loyalty with our money, and change the rules to allow them to vote in the next federal election.


For many of us descendants from an ancestry of several hundred years, this kind of comment from Trudeau is rather strange. I am glad I was born here and not disappointed at all to not have had the choice. We never hear people say ” I hate that I was born in this country or that other country”. You are born where you are born and that’s a fact. If Trudeau’s comment is meant to be cute, that’s certainly the last thing that we expect a PM to be. To me his comment is empty of meaning and does not… Read more »

Ana Gomes

His speech writer was absent, I think. The full speech is idiotic , but showing attempts to manipulate the audience and make them believe how much he wants to make friends with new immigrants.
This man is full of confusing platitudes, which the inferior judgement of the media take as great expressions of intellectual grandeur.” That is because it is 2017 “, but this disaster started because it was 2015!!!! How can I be so profound?
Our PM ‘s philosophical high horse is no more than a stillborn donkey.

read it again and ask yourself what is he saying?

Pat Mulcahy



he his brain is of


People were severely deceived into voting for Justin. Our country is ever plummeting into a cesspool of deception due to Justin and his failed lurid ideologies.


Since I was born here and thus I am not much of a Canadian, I demand that my taxes all be lowered considerably. I have paid full taxes for 50+ years. There are many immigrants coming now to Canada who don’t work nor pay taxes but they are more of a Canadian. Certainly glad you informed me of this status change, Trudeau. I await my huge tax rebate – EC has my address and bank account info.


well said and agreed …imagine those of us who were born and raised here !!


Canadians are nice sheep. We like paying paying taxes for others to enjoy. That makes us proud globalists.

Ana Gomes

We are a generous country, and because it is 2017, we do not have any money of our own but we can borrow , so we can buy our useful PM a seat in some international institution of great access to money and no accountability required. It will take generations of work to pay for the indulgence, but Justin will disappear for ever… We will keep Canada.


… a true “post turtle” …

Audrey Wright

Yep! Definitely a “post turtle” – he is stuck high on the post and hasn’t a clue how to get down. It is not by accident that he is in a place of great power. The American press have dubbed him “the little Obama”, How right they are! And both are on George Soros’ payroll. Am really afraid of the damage our PM will inflict on Canada. His father dug a hole of debt, but his son will be worse because he doesn’t have Papa’s brains. His resume proves that: attended two universities but no degree; camp councillor; substitute-teacher. Has… Read more »

moray watson

So Justin admires those who currently choose to move to Canada?! But apparently does not admire the descendants of those who chose to move here over 150 years ago?! Why? Why are current immigrants forgiven the ‘sins’ of Canada’s history but the descendants of its founders are not?


He is a bad actor for he talks and acts like a fool. All he has is his name and his father should have gotten a DNA test done. Remembering Maggie, Castro could be his real father. NOT my Prime Mister!!


Globalism in the making …the elites get richer…the middle class starved by taxes and demands…the immigrants…”here is your golden toilets and houses..take all that you want, our schools our churches our land…just as long as you vote liberal….so evil


Canada 150 statement from former prime minister Stephen Harper

By The Canadian Press — Jul 1 2017


Spencer, why not put up PMSH’s statement up with others for others to read.


He is the biggest joke this country has seen in so many years!! How people could have put an X by this sorry excuse is beyond comprehension


right on ….and he just said ( on the occasion of Canada Day on Parliament HIll ) ..”.on this day , I think of Canadians” ……you have to laugh because thinking makes you insane


This PM is the worst ever in this country and ive been around a long time and I dare say worst than his father by far.

Bob Geddes

Proof He loathes Canadians and He Loathes Himself for the “silver spoon of entitlement ” he was born into. As a fifth generation Canadian I can relate only so slightly. I admired people moving to Canada that had the courage to venture to a new land. So I picked up sn went to live in a foreign country. It helped me to realize that Canadians are blessed to live inside a Big Bubble. Two big oceans east and west, frozen tundra to the north and the most powerful nation in the World attached to it on the south. Canadians have… Read more »


Agreed and so true ….but not all Canadians share that coma state..the very tool provided to those ‘alert ‘ Canadians ie free speech is under threat by the individual in the strongest coma state possible . lamebrain PM !


How many of you on here crying & complaining were on the abc/abh wagon prior to the election & voted for him?

Annette Wagner

According to the early church “The more prosperous nations are obliged, to the extent they are able, to welcome the foreigner in search of the security and the means of livelihood which he cannot find in his country of origin. Public authorities should see to it that the natural right is respected that places a guest under the protection of those who receive him. Political authorities, for the sake of the common good for which they are responsible, may make the exercise of the right to immigrate subject to various juridical conditions, especially with regard to the immigrants’ duties toward… Read more »

Monique Barrette

I am insulted more than I can ever remember being insulted. Our Prime Minister has brought shame to his family name. We original, proud Canadians whose ancestors made this country great are the building blocks of our great nation. We ARE Canada. Do not ever forget that. Perhaps Mr. Trudeau should return to school for some history lessons or perhaps think before he opens his creative mouth.


How is the Canada anymore. Everytime you turn around somebody is changing something to suit ones culture and religion. Our four fathers would be turning in there Graves to see changes to what they started for us. Shame on JT for killing some more of our canadian ways. Before you know it what we stand for as Canadians will be gone.

Maie Gunn

We have to get him out of there !!

Maie Gunn

Yikes, this guy is off the wall.


It has taken many, many years to get here but it is being proven that multiculturalism has failed. It cannot succeed unless the ‘Host Countries’ values are being embraced. Where integration and assimilation are not expected and the politically correct left is on a path to destroy Canada and the ‘Judeo Christian’ values that made this country so great, and why people choose to immigrate here, by using the poisonous rhetoric of a vocabulary for imbeciles….inclusion, diversity, and tolerance. All words to constrict and silence the masses. Anyone with half a thought knows division is the end result of diversity.… Read more »


KUDOS to you …of course it is that simple; I have heard comments to the effect that Canadians are not to hate immigrants , if anything they are to hate immigration ( and the current implementation policies) and that we must continue to educate, inform, be patient , etc .; however why are the citizens of Canada forced to educate and inform the very authorities that have been elected to lead and direct these citizens ? half assed backwards …Yes indeed Canada has laws and those entering it first have to be admitted in terms with these laws and have… Read more »


Trudeau is doing what Obama did to the US and divide the country using identity politicics. Multi-Culturalism is used by liberals to divide us so that they can get more votes, it is not used to as they say to celebrate are differences, but to drive a wedge using their race, sex, or country of origin. They approve of immigration legal or illegal as long as it is from a group they know will vote for them e.g. any country that is not a majority white nation. They love to keep the them poor so they are dependent on the… Read more »


To Razor: Thank you for a very well written comment and so very truthful to the core. Multi culturalism as it is currently implemented is a philosophy that is destroying the fabric of our nation on many levels.

Y Castle

Were your ancestors immigrants?


Your diversity incantation comment was bang on! As a population we cannot keep chanting diversity like we are a cult. It has become a drinking game now every time a politician speaks I set my watch as to how long it takes for the “D” word to be mentioned. It has become nauseating and patronizing. “Nationalism, Patriotism, and Unity will be our strength”.

Beverley Campbell

A classic example of why those “uneducated” Conservatives despise Trudeau, his arrogance, his pandering to immigrants who arrived here by coming into Canada, not through the traditional means, but by sneaking through the bushes. I don’t think anyone will ever forget the sight of our once beloved RCMP carrying the luggage of those having arrived illegally, and from upstate New York for Christ’s sakes, what kind of an “escape from persecution” is that.

Paul Pogue

How many uneducated Conservatives have ancestors who were immigrants.. who have benefitted from their ancestors emigration.
All of them?

William Jones

Unfortunately, we elected an individual with the typical ‘spoiled child syndrome’ who cannot conceive that any and all things they might say, do or wish to do, are not correct. They have never had to make any hard decisions during their lifetime, and have no concept of what the end result of any decision may or may not be. Since his ‘ascension to the throne,’ Canada has been in turmoil, internally and externally. There is nothing good that could possibly be ascribed to Trudeau on any subject that I am aware of. He is the direct and continuing cause of… Read more »


Totally but totally agree…a child s mind, a lack of sense of responsibility rarely seen and a totally UN SERIOUS individual …

Paul Pogue

You have a lot of nerve talking like that about Andrew Scheer Shame on you.

Paul Pogue

Clearly you are bothered that your granddad wasn’t successful enough to leave you a trust fund

Shawn Harris

NO leader can survive and prosper when his country is deliberated divided , all for the sake of votes and power. And that is exactly what Trudeau is doing , dividing Canadians into his favoured groups, rather than uniting everyone, under a common cause. Justin Trudeau is in every way like his father and both were and still are traitors to Canada and Canadians. It is very despicable of Trudeau to use immigrants in such a disingenuous way, that reveals his true intentions to divide them and not unite them with the citizens of Canada, all for power and votes.… Read more »