On Canada Day, Honour Those Who Served

As we celebrate Canada Day and Canada 150, it’s important to turn our thoughts to those who have served, and continue to serve our country.

Because the vast majority of Canadians have not directly experienced war, it can be easy to forget that our freedom and security does not come without a price.

There has been a growing attitude that seems to attribute our current security to the fact that we are a “nice” or “inclusive” nation.

As much as that may sound nice to believe, it isn’t true.

Our current security is because of those who are willing to put themselves in physical danger on our behalf.

Throughout the history of our country, millions of brave Canadians have taken up arms for our country, to defend our land, our values, and our freedom.

Without their willingness to put themselves in danger, and without their willingness to sacrifice for us, there would be no Canada to celebrate.

That’s why – amid all the celebration – we need to honour and remember those who make Canada possible – our men and women in uniform. It’s also why we must do more than remember. We must provide our Veterans with the care and support they need, and we must give those who serve today the weapons, equipment, and funding necessary to continue protecting our beautiful nation.

Ensuring that Canada always remains secure is the greatest tribute we can give those to whom we owe so much.

Spencer Fernando

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