READ: Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Canada 150 Statement

Former Prime Minister Stephen Harper has shared a message with Canadians on the occasion of Canada 150:

Dear fellow citizens,

As we mark the sesquicentennial of our Confederation, we as Canadians should stop to reflect upon how fortunate we are. In an era of unprecedented global wealth and opportunity, there is simply no better place to live.

While it may be tempting to congratulate ourselves for this blessed state of affairs, our gratitude should instead go to those who came before us and built so much of what we have. It starts with acknowledging the leadership and wisdom of Sir John A. Macdonald, Sir George-Etienne Cartier and their colleagues. Coming together in a time of great danger, they constructed a system that would allow British, French, Aboriginal and Immigrant to unite, while preserving their unique institutions, languages, cultures and faiths. That achievement is, despite the youthfulness of our country, one of the most enduring models of democratic governance in the world today.

Generations of men and women have since added their own stories to the annals of our history. Through wise decisions, hard work and sacrifice, they built our economy, developed our society and enhanced our liberty. Consecrating those triumphs are the tens of thousands of Canadians who made the ultimate sacrifice for our country in distant lands, fighting to ensure that the great evils of the past 150 years did not come to our shores.

A full appreciation of all we have been given should also lead us to embrace our own responsibilities to those who follow. Are we also ready to take the hard decisions rather than the easy paths? Are we prepared to dedicate ourselves to great causes in the face of grave challenges? Are we willing to make sacrifices in our own time so that our descendants will continue to enjoy our freedoms in theirs?

If our answers to these questions are yes, and our actions bear out those convictions, then we can be assured that, in another 150 years, Canada will be even stronger and better than it is today.

God bless Canada,

Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper

22nd Prime Minister of Canada

Spencer Fernando

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Lian Walton

Very well done .

Yvette Loke

Words of a true leader!!!

Canadian Across The Way

I know Harper wasn’t perfect, no one ever is, but I feel many of us could just stop and breathe, appreciate what we have in Canada, All of us included, before Trudeau. Now I feel that we have been usurped by a bloody idiot, who not only alienates and divides most of the Canadian People, but also puts forth a horrible racist culture that wants to con us into believing they’re the victim, when it’s the exact opposite. Canada must stay strong and not let this selfish elitist win again, and Yes many of us are willing to fight for… Read more »

Muriel Gall

You summed it perfectly.

Pearl Roy

You bet, and boy do I ever miss the leadership of Stephen Harper!


You’re bang on with you thoughtful and truthful message!

Dorothy Martin.

this made me cry. He is talking about OUR Canada, the one we love and treasure.. I am so afraid and worried that my children and grandchildren will not be able to enjoy the same life in the wonderful country we call Canada. After all the wonderful leaders who got us to this point, and is it all going to be flushed down the drain, by this selfish, self centered who has lied and bluffed his way into the hallowed halls of our Government. Please people, think about what you are doing when you vote. No matter what your personal… Read more »

Pearl Roy

Spoken like a true Prime Minister – How you are missed 🙁


Thank you Mr. Prime Minister……may you also enjoy the Celebrations on this special Birthday Bash for Canada

Louise Wagg

Your speech tells all of us how we feel today you made us very proud, Thankyou Stephen

Kim Chevalier

Intelligent words from an intelligent leader. I wouldn’t have expected less. Thank you Mr. Harper for all you’ve done for Canada.


Mr Harper thank you for your candid comments. We always felt that you had the Canadian interest at heart and worked diligently toward that goal. We are grateful for what you accomplished and want you to know we miss you and hope you will continue to support us in the future.

Catharine Kintoff

He is a paragon in our country, God Bless Stephen Harper.


Platitudes 101

Barb Bryenton

You are truely missed Mr Harper !!


A man we are proud of and I personally wish was still our PM

tim pedden

Thank you Mr. Harper for your great service to Canada and a happy 150th. Birthday to Canada. Soon we will have a real Prime Minister again and save our Country from this traitor trudeau and his anti Canadian liberal cult. Canadians stand up for Canada and not for the liberal traitors.


Probably the best Prime Minister we’ve ever had…well equipped with competency, intelligence, training in Economics – so he understood how to keep us out of that recession/depression in other countries, plus he built up a surplus as a financial ” cushion” we are always told to even do for ourselves. I don’t care he wasn’t a media star…he’s not my best friend, he’s my Leader, working hard at his desk in Parliament building, to make Canada work. Not flitting around the world on a 4 yr holiday.


I’m just venting here – BUT, I’d like to know where were the P.C. voters at the last election? How could this nitwit ever have gotten elected is beyond me!!! Anyone over the age 50 or so, must have some memories of the last lie-beral in power!!!! I’m still mad as hell over this past election. PS – I used to believe in the NDP party until Rt. Hon. Steven Harper became our Prime Minister and I was so impressed with him that I became a member; something I never did before. Anyone who supports Andrew Scheer and the P.C.… Read more »


The sad of it all is that not many Canadians know what PMSH did for our country. The media made sure of that. Can you image running a country like Canada all alone. How he manage to win two minority govs and majority with media attacking him 24/7 everyday for 10 years straight is only a miracle.

Justin can do all the wrongs to Canada and to Canadian and the media will help him all g
the way.

Terry Baglole

Thank you Mr.Harper for your service , as well as for the example of class , dignity , and leadership that we so miss in recent times !


On another note which many of us had no idea off. Take a look at this

Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau makes very odd invocation to Allah for a happy gay pride


It Justin trudeau will never measure up to the hard work and love PMSH had for Canada.
He may try with the media devotion and help but alone. NEVER.
Thank you PM STEPHEN HARPER FOR YOUR SERVE AND May THE Lord Jesus Bless you each day.


What a balanced speech! Soft, to the point, fair, no insult to anyone. A historical speech!

Christian Hidde

I liked Stephen Harper especially for being known as a true friend of Israel. Now, in European, mainly in German media and politics, Justin Trudeau is hailed and exalted as if he were the new messiah, replacing Obama and obviously being a substitute for the non-elected Hillary Clinton. It’s so scaring. Why are the German media so utterly obsessed with this one-world egalitarist postmodernist worldview? Instead of being engaged in fair and balanced discourse, opponents are called names and declared stupid and dull, even by publicly funded media.

Ken Parker

What a difference between these words of realistic thinking as opposed to the fanciful imaginings of a spoiled brat child actor pursuing his ego in the reality show called Trudeau.


Thank you Mr. Harper for the Intelligent and kind words. You are a true leader. Justine will never fit in your shoes. Happy 150 to you and your family. We miss you. We felt safe with your leadership. Andrew Sheer has our support now. Thinking he has a lot of your traits.

Alyn Starkman

Spoken like a true leader. I don’t suppose there is any chance that Harper is still in charge and this Trudeau thing is someone’s idea of a practical joke. I guess not. But it is a real nice thought.