DISGRACEFUL: Trudeau Government Giving Omar Khadr $10 Million

In what can only be described as a disgraceful, shocking, and insane move, the Trudeau government is planning to give $10 million dollars in taxpayer money to Omar Khadr.

The money is said to be part of a so-called “compensation package” for Khadr, over alleged abuses he suffered while in Guantanamo Bay.

As reported by the Globe & Mail, “The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in 2010 that the actions of federal officials who participated in U.S. interrogations of Mr. Khadr had offended “the most basic Canadian standards about the treatment of detained youth suspects.”

The government will also formally apologize to Khadr.

In 2002, Omar Khadr was captured by U.S. Forces in Afghanistan. Khadr was accused of throwing a grenade and killing Christopher Speer – a U.S. Army Medic – in a firefight. Khadr was fighting on the side of terrorists. 

Khadr’s father was a high-level al-Qaeda operative. Khadr’s laywer said he was “coerced” into fighting, though many Canadians – including the previous government – had significant doubts.

Now, the Trudeau government is giving $10 million in money taken away from Canadian taxpayers to someone accused of murdering an American soldier while fighting for Al-Qaeda.

It is an insane move, and one the government must pay a serious electoral price for.

Give the money to the family of Christopher Speer instead

There’s no sugarcoating this disgraceful move. The idea that Khadr is getting even a dime is disgusting and disgraceful. $10 million is more than most Canadians make in their lifetimes. There are entire communities where there isn’t even running water – $10 million could do a ton of good there. But no, instead that money is going to Omar Khadr.

What an absolute disgrace.

If any money is spent, it should be going to the family of Christopher Speer. He was an allied soldier who lost his life fighting brutal terrorists. Why does his family get nothing while Khadr laughs all the way to the bank?

The Trudeau government should have fought against giving any compensation whatsoever, let alone give a whopping $10 million.

This is completely unacceptable.

If you think this decision is a disgrace, contact your MP and tell them exactly how you feel.

Contact Your Member Of Parliament

Spencer Fernando

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