DISGRACEFUL: Trudeau Government Giving Omar Khadr $10 Million

In what can only be described as a disgraceful, shocking, and insane move, the Trudeau government is planning to give $10 million dollars in taxpayer money to Omar Khadr.

The money is said to be part of a so-called “compensation package” for Khadr, over alleged abuses he suffered while in Guantanamo Bay.

As reported by the Globe & Mail, “The Supreme Court of Canada ruled in 2010 that the actions of federal officials who participated in U.S. interrogations of Mr. Khadr had offended “the most basic Canadian standards about the treatment of detained youth suspects.”

The government will also formally apologize to Khadr.

In 2002, Omar Khadr was captured by U.S. Forces in Afghanistan. Khadr was accused of throwing a grenade and killing Christopher Speer – a U.S. Army Medic – in a firefight. Khadr was fighting on the side of terrorists. 

Khadr’s father was a high-level al-Qaeda operative. Khadr’s laywer said he was “coerced” into fighting, though many Canadians – including the previous government – had significant doubts.

Now, the Trudeau government is giving $10 million in money taken away from Canadian taxpayers to someone accused of murdering an American soldier while fighting for Al-Qaeda.

It is an insane move, and one the government must pay a serious electoral price for.

Give the money to the family of Christopher Speer instead

There’s no sugarcoating this disgraceful move. The idea that Khadr is getting even a dime is disgusting and disgraceful. $10 million is more than most Canadians make in their lifetimes. There are entire communities where there isn’t even running water – $10 million could do a ton of good there. But no, instead that money is going to Omar Khadr.

What an absolute disgrace.

If any money is spent, it should be going to the family of Christopher Speer. He was an allied soldier who lost his life fighting brutal terrorists. Why does his family get nothing while Khadr laughs all the way to the bank?

The Trudeau government should have fought against giving any compensation whatsoever, let alone give a whopping $10 million.

This is completely unacceptable.

If you think this decision is a disgrace, contact your MP and tell them exactly how you feel.

Contact Your Member Of Parliament

Spencer Fernando

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Dave Shirlaw

Governor General gig was my prediction.

Woody Tobias II

OMG, the Trudeau government is stupid. Just for the record, If Trudeau apologises “on behalf of all Canadians”, that doesn’t include me or anyone I know. The fact that Khadr and his whole Jihadi family are still in Canada is an affront to any one with an ounce of morality. No apology necessary.


I second that! No apologies from me either.



Renée~ (@reiynii)

Today this happens, tomorrow I will murdered by ISIS for being gay in my own country… GG Canada…


Im Canadian and gay….. I’ve never been threatened by ISIS in Canada…. you sure your living in the right country?

Jay copperfield

Shut up stupid, tbe day will come wake up and protect your rights and land

Anthony Armstrong

Just fyi, my close friend who wasn’t gay, was shot to death on parliament hill, while on ceremonial duties, by an Isis supporter. Just because it hasn’t happened doesn’t mean they haven’t tried or that its not possible. Isis is a credible threat and so far we have played right into their hands.

Kathie Wilson

Let the United States pay it we Canadians didn’t put him there it was tried in the United States and there Supreme Court gave the ruling . And I as a Canadian have nothing to apologize for to this terrorist for Trudeau is a ass if he does just goes to show her doesn’t belong as PM of Canada he kisses to much ass and has no balls when it comes to what is right.


My understanding is that Canada got him into this country and he was not to sue the Canadian government. This man is a criminal working for the enemy and he gets rewarded? While the collectors from Revenue Canada will hunt people to squeeze blood out of honest Canadians making them bankrupt and making their lives miserable for years. Whatever happened in the USA has nothing to do with us Canadians. This mecreant will walk away with $10 million getting rewarded for being a criminal. Again, Trudeau is incapacitated mentally to make any sane decisions. Here is another example.


I totally agree with you. If any money is awarded, it should have gone to the family of the victims. Trudeau is such a disgrace.. So tired of this guy speaking for Canadians imposing his own misguided views on society and the world.


Makes you ‘really’ want to pay your taxes doesn’t it?

Rick Churchill

One more instance of Trudeau’s love of Islam and his complete disdain for the Canadian taxpayer. It also shows the bias of the Canadian judicial system and their apparent support for terrorist activity, at least if it is directed against the United States. Where is the outrage from the media? the Government? the People? Our country has indeed gone mad.


Nothing surprises me anymore with this off beat bunch, and the sooner Canada sends
Them packing the better off we’ll all be. Talk about posters people for impeachment. Why the backbenchers don’t stand up and walk across the floor and join the opposition in a vote of non confidence is mind boggling.

Peter Larsen

This is a devastating move on Canada’s part. Not only blanking US for this but then paying a criminal that the a grenade into a tent that everyone was relaxing and unarmed and killed an American soldier who was over there doing exactly like Canadians and that was hunting Isis or other terrorists and they instead of punishing this guy they reward him for his cowardly act with ten million dollars! Sorry Canada but WTF kind of move is that? Well you have most likely just enriched any and all terrorists that might already be in either country, good going!!… Read more »


Throw Trudeau out of office. He’s a moron

Roy Quinlan

what kind of idit move is this, he should not be allowed in this country, send him packing to the US and let them give him what he deserves. This government does not speak for me, give it time and we will pay for it, wake up Canada

John Arsenault

Kick Khadr in the ass and ship him back to his homeland send Trudeau with him . Then send the money to the dead soldiers family .


Don’t wait for your MP. Contact them today like I just did and go to Canadian taxpayers federation on line and sign the petition.


What the hell does bad treatment by the USA at Guantanamo Bay have to do with Canada? The Trudeau government really needs to rethink this move. Why has the Trudeau government decided to reward this man for getting himself involved in politics from his homeland whilst living in Canada? I have supported a lot of what this government has done, not all, but some things however, THIS is OUTRAGEOUS. If he should receive compensation for his experiences, IT DOES NOT come from Canadian Taxpayers! Number one – it’s NOT our problem and Number two – we CAN’T AFFORD it!!! I’m… Read more »

Gary Kassbaum

This is a ‘shocking affront’ to knowledgeable Canadians; especially for our veterans, disabled veterans and armed services members.

What planet is our PM operating from ?

Christian Christian

By all means, every soldier that a country sends into a pointless conflict should be compensated. But Speer was a willing participant and Khadr was a child. Speer was not tortured. You do not know for certain that Khadr killed him but even if he did he was still a child. Khadr’s father is irrelevant in your argument other than a factor that caused a child to be tortured.


Everyone always thinks they are the “good guys” in war and “they” are the “bad guys”. There are NO good guys or bad guys in war …it’s all bad! ..and the most basic principle applies …2 wrongs don’t make a right ..and we are to always take responsibility for our own “bad” ..to apologize for the things we did and to make things right in life. I don’t know all of he details of this story and I am certain it has been relayed in a one-sided fashion …please share more facts so people can respect this article.

Ian Stephen

Our government was complicit in human rights violations against a minor. Those concerned about protecting our rights should be applauding this decision, not scorning it. Defence of rights cannot be selective.


A murderer has no rights, your country is ruled by idiotic ultra lefties.

Verne Seib

Khadr won’t see a dime of that 10mil… lawyers are lining up by the dozen behind Speer’s widow for a wrongful death lawsuit against him, who’s defense will all be paid for by the Canadian taxpayers!


I’m not delighted by the settlement, but the point is being missed. Every European Country and Australia would have their CITIZENSrepatriated when held at Gitmo to undergo due process in their respective countries. The Canadian Government did not and basically turned its back on a Canadian citizen and allowed him to be sentenced to 10+ years of torture. He was a boy trying to please his father, who is the real criminal who should behind bars. If Khadhr was tried in Canada he would still be in jail and this circus would not have happened. AND WHO WAS THE PRIME… Read more »


As a matter of fact this mess started with Chretien and then was passed off to Martin. After Martin, Harper inherited it. So as you can see two former Liberal PM’s also did nothing about it. The blame can not solely be placed on Harper as his predecessors did squat as well.

Jaci fink

So we change when people can get their pensions to older because we can’t afford to pay pension anymore and give a non taxpaying non Canadian a bunch of money. I guess I know where my pension is going

Dean Clark

It is a bad idea to give a terrorist 10 million dollars and an apology. If we give Justin Trudeau 10 million dollars and an apology will he go away!!!