OPPRESSION: China Has Banned All Online Videos Of Gay People

The Communist Chinese Government has launched a massive crackdown on online expression, in what they are calling an effort to “spread socialist core values.”

In reality, the move amounts to a big increase in censorship and further restrictions on freedom of expression in a country that is already one of the most repressive.

According to Reuters, “an industry association circulated new regulations that at least two “auditors” will, with immediate effect, be required to check all audiovisual content posted online – from films to “micro” movies, documentaries, sports, educational material and animation – to ensure they adhere to “core socialist values”.

Included in the list of banned topics are “drug addition and homosexuality.”

The move means that any video showing gay people in a relationship will be banned from the internet in China.

It’s a horrible move that adds to the immense oppression imposed upon the people of China and shows that China’s President Xi Jinping is moving the country further away from the freedoms we enjoy in the Western world.

Where is Trudeau’s condemnation?

Once again, the silence of the global elites when China is involved is absolutely deafening.

Justin Trudeau presents himself as a paragon of defending diversity, yet he seems to only stand up for freedom when he is in safe spaces. When he would require even an ounce of courage – such as condemning China – he takes the path of gutless cowardice.

Why hasn’t Trudeau condemned China’s terrible crackdown on freedom of expression?

Why has he remained silent?

We know why:

It’s because he’s not truly a defender of human rights, freedom. It’s just an empty image. He’ll always prioritize bowing down to China over standing up for the rights and values we hold as Canadians.

After all, he admires China’s “basic dictatorship” that “gets stuff done,” so he could care less about the freedoms that are crushed in the process.

China does not share our support for freedom

Canadians take pride in our love of freedom and liberty, and that’s why we must realize that China is very different. Their government is ruthless, oppressive, and authoritarian. Individual freedom means nothing there.

That’s why getting closer to China, and becoming economically and politically subservient to them would be a huge mistake.

And that’s why all Canadians must oppose Justin Trudeau’s efforts to sell us out to the Chinese government. We can’t let his hypocrisy and cowardice define the future of our great country.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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