POLL: Massive Opposition To Trudeau Letting China Take Norsat & ITF

Justin Trudeau’s decision to let China buy ITF Technologies and Norsat – two Canadian high-tech firms with connections to our national security – is massively opposed by Canadians.

According to a Nanos Research Poll, 76% of Canadians either oppose or somewhat oppose the Norsat deal, with just 18% supporting or somewhat supporting it.

When it comes to ITF Technologies, 78% oppose the sale.

So, as much as the Trudeau government gets called “centrist” by the elitist media, their position towards letting China take our companies puts them on the extreme fringe of public opinion.

As noted in a Globe & Mail article about the poll, “For many Canadians, they actually believe those transactions put Canada at risk,” pollster Nik Nanos said in an interview. “If the government continues to embark on this path, it will probably be a significant political risk for them.”

Support for free trade deal

A strange aspect of the poll shows that there is a disconnect between fears about China taking national security companies, and overall support for a free trade deal.

According to the poll, 54% support or somewhat support the government seeking a free-trade deal with China, while 37%% are opposed.

This is no surprise, as the elitist establishment desperately wants the deal to enrich themselves at our expense, and is launching a big effort to continue swaying public opinion.

According to the Globe & Mail, “Mr. Nanos said Canadians should not underestimate how Mr. Trudeau’s friendly approach to China, a contrast from former prime minister Stephen Harper, affects public perceptions of the merit of such an agreement.”

Adds Nanos, “It is pretty clear that Justin Trudeau is comfortable about free trade with China and having good relations with China and that consistent kind of message and kind of campaign over a long period of time pays off about peoples’ perceptions of free trade with China. The cautionary note has to do with national-security concerns … it is pretty clear that Canadians see China and to a lesser extent Russia as top threats to our security.”

Yet, despite the support for a free-trade deal, “In April, Mr. Nanos conducted a poll for The Globe that found nearly nine in 10 Canadians are “uncomfortable” with the idea of China’s large, government-controlled businesses gaining more access to Canada’s economy – an almost inevitable aspect of any free-trade deal with Beijing.”

What this shows is that Canadians like the “idea” of “free trade,” but when they hear the specifics of what that would mean when dealing with China, opposition rises quickly.

Spreading the truth

Those of us who can see what an impending disaster so-called “free trade” with China would be, must push back against the elitist propaganda.

Clearly, the majority of Canadians oppose the consequences of letting China get more access to our companies, yet the elites are seeking to overcome that opposition by pushing Trudeau’s positive image and “relationship” with China.

Each of us must do everything we can both online, and in person, to talk to those we know and spread the truth about the danger opening our country even further to being bought out by China poses to our middle class, working people, and our national sovereignty.

We must make the connection clear between what Canadians oppose (China getting national security companies & China’s government-businesses buying up our businesses), and what the poll shows people support (the idea of “free trade”).

A “free trade” deal with China will mean more of our national security information and sensitive companies will be taken from us, and it will mean more dominance for China’s state-owned businesses. That would be a disaster for Canada, and we must do everything we can to spread the word far and wide:

Canada must not sign a “free trade” agreement with China.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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