Germany Warns Citizens More Terrorist Attacks “Must Be Expected”

The German government says 680 Islamist terrorists in the country are “dangerous enough” to possibly carry out an attack.

In yet a further sign of how weak many Western governments have become, the German government is warning their citizens that more Islamic terror  attacks should be expected, instead of removing the Jihadist threat from the country.

As reported by the AP, Hans-Georg Maassen -the boss of Germany’s domestic intel agency – says “further attacks by single persons or terror commando groups must be expected.”

He also said the government knows of 680 Islamist extremists who they consider possibly dangerous enough to carry out terrorist attacks.

Additionally, Maassen said there are 10,000 people who are “part of the radical Islamic Salafist scene but not all are violent.”

That is incredibly disturbing.

While the German government has put some people under surveillance, it clearly isn’t enough.

The AP notes that Anis Amri – the Tunisian man who killed 12 people when he ran them over with a truck in a Berlin Christmas market – was already under government surveillance.

This goes to show that the current weak approach isn’t working.

If the German authorities know that there are 680 people who are seen as a threat to commit horrible acts of terror, those people need to be arrested and either jailed or deported. The same should be considered for those 10,000 who are “radical Islamic Salafists.”

No country should accept people living within their borders who are loyal to an ideology that seeks the murder of that nation’s citizens. Western nations must abandon naive and weak political correctness and start taking real action to keep law-abiding citizens safe.

Spencer Fernando