GOOD: Tabitha Speer & Layne Morris Seek To Stop Omar Khadr’s $10 Million Payout

It’s an opportunity to stop the disgraceful injustice of taxpayer money going to Omar Khadr.

Tabitha Speer – the widow of Sergeant Christopher Speer who was killed by a grenade Omar Khadr confessed to throwing – and Layne Morris – a U.S. soldier blinded in one eye from the same grenade – are reportedly going to file an emergency injunction that could block Omar Khadr’s $10.5 million payout.

As reported by the Globe & Mail, “Two sources say they are expected to ask the Ontario Superior Court as early as Wednesday to uphold a 2015 Utah civil court judgment ordering Mr. Khadr to pay them $134-million (U.S.) for his actions in Afghanistan.”

This makes perfect sense. A court has ordered Khadr to pay $134 million to Speer and Morris. Khadr didn’t have any money, so he couldn’t pay anything. However, he could soon have $10.5 million. Therefore he will be able to pay and can give that $10.5 million to Speer and Morris towards the full $134 million owed.

Both common-sense and morality would dictate that the payout goes to Speer and Morris.

Unfortunately, it seems common-sense has long been abandoned by our political and legal “leaders.”

According to the Globe & Mail, “A federal official said the prospect of the courts ruling in their (Speer and Morris) favour is remote.”


Canadians want the money to go to Speer & Morris

The Khadr payout has caused massive outrage and widespread condemnation. The overwhelming majority of responses have been fully against Khadr getting any money at all, and it’s clear that Canadians believe any money should go Tabitha Speer and Layne Morris – the true victims.

As Canadians and as human beings, we can feel in our gut that it is deeply wrong for someone who fought on the side of terrorists against our allies, and killed one of our allies, to somehow be rewarded with more money than most people make in their entire lives.

That’s why the payout to Khadr is an outrage, and is totally disgraceful. Instead of rolling over, the government should be fighting it with everything they have. And they should do everything to make certain that any payout goes to Speer and Morris, not Omar Khadr.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Elaine Teichgraber

Well said, Spencer!


I wish them luck and like Trudeau, probably speak for most Canadians.

E. M. Korcz Forrester

Very one-sided on not nuanced. I wouldn’t called this “well said.” What about the immorality and turpitude of torture? Obtaining confessions under torture? Then using the confession to obtain a civil award of damages? What about the “common sense” and “morality” of having the opportunity to be heard and defend against a claim filed against you? Khadr did not have an opportunity to contest the claims brought in Utah; it was ex parte, i.e. in his absence. There are also several choice of forum issues (these are technical legal issues) with the U.S. federal court exercising jurisdiction. These need to… Read more »

you have to be a liberal, common sense says, he should have had his life taken, afterall he killed a human being.. as for the money, trudeau doesn,t care, its people like you that loves mr. socks.

Lowa Kay

Exactly, Alan… no remorse for this dirtbag. My only empathy is that he was brought up by BIG TERRORISTS, but that too could’ve been avoided by NOT ALLOWING THEM INTO CANADA.


He was a Canadian whom chose to murder his own Countrymen! Pull your head out of your ass! He deserved the death penalty for what he’d done, not a golden hand shake and apology for being mistreated and dealt with as a hostile combatant, wich is exactly what he chose to be! What is wrong with people like you?


Canada does not owe anything to Khadr. He has embarrassed Canadians with the US. If you Forrester think that Khadr is more important than our US relationship re. trade, you are totally blinded. The US is our partner and our neighbour and it would be ludicrous to tarnish this relationship for a thug who has done nothing for Canada and will do nothing for Canada but bring grief. We have millions of people in Canada and our economy has been totally dependent to the US for many years. Let’s not be stupid.

E. M. Korcz Forrester

How exactly did he embarrass Canadians in the US? He was a minor who was subjected to sleep deprivation and protracted interrogation, and, all the while, without legal counsel; all of which undermine basic Charter safeguards. Forget that he was a minor during that interrogation——any interrogation under these conditions will shock the conscience of anyone with a conscience. Had this been anyone else, Canadians would have banded in their condemnation, but because this was a child from a warzone——it has, regrettably, divided Canadians with a great many forgetting our most basic legal safeguards, such as to be free from coerced… Read more »

Jeannette Jensen

Maybe the real question you should be asking !.) Did Canada do any of these things to him? answer NO, 2.) Did he join a terrorist organization to fight against Canadian and American Soldiers ? answer YES. 3.) As a result of his actions did Canadian or American Soldiers die or get injured? anser YES.
I have no sympathy for this terrorist,

tim pedden

Khadr is and always will be a terrorist but now he has the support of that terrorist loving trudeau. So Trudeau is now supporting and paying our enemy and the majority of Canadians see this as betrayal except islams terrorists.

Maurice Robinson

Absolute madness to give Khadr even one cent of compensation for a terrorist act when over 2000 veterans, who risked their lives for Canada, are homeless and/or living on the street.


People that continue to support this government should be ashamed. 2019 is coming and the people will remember.


Although we would never expect it from Islamist Trudeau and his sharia compliant Caucus, he should be doing the right thing in representing all Canadians and compensating the Speer and Morris families for the deliberate attack and the devastation Khadr created in support of Islamic terrorism. The money Trudeau wants to give Khadr is seen as a reward for killing on behalf of Islamic terror.

It is disturbing when Canadian Governments and Courts, including the Supreme Court, are so arrogant as to selectively apply Canadian standards to other countries and cultures, yet willingly impose other cultures and “religions” on Canadians.


Mr. Khadr is a terrorist first and above all! He has not changed his viewpoint from before when he was “fighting” beside his fathers side. This has only solidified his beliefs on how the west is stupid and weak. No person with real morals and integrity cares whether he was a teenager when he was caught or that he was possibly mistreated at Guantanamo later. He took a life without care or forethought which he had been trained to do and should be punished for it. What do we do with “Child Killers”, here in the west, we try them,… Read more »

Diane Hansma

I am truly ashamed to be a Canadian right now. My thoughts and prayers are with you Tabitha. Being a neighbor to your wonderful Country, he is our Hero too. Good luck Tabitha and Layne!! I apologize for Trudeau, because he won’t. I am sorry that the PM is rewarding a terrorist, it makes me sick along with most Canadians. NOW GO AND KICK SOME SERIOUS ASS!!!! We will be with you all the way!!

Gary DeGuerre

Trudeau and his cabinet ministers, and party along with all Liberals, do not have any common sense along with everybody that voted for them, that also includes the Supreme Court of Canada all have their heads up their butts. So who voted Liberal put up you hands now give your face a slap.

John Canavan

I am Canadian and disgusted by the actions of my government in this matter. I have started a petition to have the moneys go to the victims not the terrorist.


While I feel badly for the death of her husband, both he and Omar were at war. Her husband would have killed Omar too. It was war. Omar was defending himself just as Christopher was. Omar’s rights were violated in many ways. The American government putting him in the prison without trial and torturing him. The Canadian was also at fault for not standing up for him. Only right wing Canadians think the money should go to the widow. He is free. He would not get a fair trial in the US. He is welcome to walk as a free… Read more »