North Korean Missile May Be Able To Reach North America

U.S. calls for emergency Security Council meeting

North Korea’s latest missile launch represents a potentially dangerous step forward in their missile program.

It is believed the missile was an ICBM, and there are concerns it could reach North America.

North Korea’s state-run media says the Hwasong-14 missile flew a distance of 933 km and hit a maximum altitude of 2,802 km. It was in the air for 39 minutes.

As noted by Reuters, “Some analysts said the flight details suggested the new missile had a range of more than 8,000 km (4,970 miles), which would put significant parts of the U.S. mainland in range, representing major advances in its program.”

Even worse, “Kim Dong-yub, a military expert at Seoul’s Kyungnam University, said that if launched on a standard angle, the missile could have a range of more than 8,000 km (4,970 miles).”

The Trump administration has said they “will not accept” a North Korean weapon capable of reaching the United States.

Missile defence

The North Korean missile test is another example of how our world is a dangerous place. Canada can’t simply hope for the best. It is essential that we strengthen our defence capabilities, including investing in missile defence programs. While working with the US missile defence program would be the immediate solution, Canada should develop our own missile defence technology to ensure the long-term security of our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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The threat of N. Korea starting WW3 rests entirely on Obama, Clinton and the Democrats.

The ongoing support of worldwide terrorism by Iran rests entirely on Obama, Clinton and the Democrats.

Charges and arrests are in order.

don morris

The real problem with North Korea is that we can’t sanction them further, and can’t fight a limited war against them, the type our nervous politicians like. If we ever decide to go to war with NK,it will have to be a war of annihilation, literally wipe the Nation and all it’s people from the face of the Earth. We don’t have the resolve to do that,and Kim knows that. So,I expect we will posture until the day comes when NK develops a weapon and delivery system that CAN hit North America. Then whoever is in power will have to… Read more »


Lets see now – China isn’t doing much about NK, and Trudeau is infatuated with China. Does that mean Trudeau also admires NK? It wouldn’t be a surprise due to his admiration and desire to emulate dictators. Could Trudeau be committing soft treason, intentionally damaging Canada?

I can easily understand why America would be suspicious of Trudeau and are then doing nothing about the illegal migrants sneaking across from the States. Dump their Butts on Canadians and make us look after them.