ELITISM: Trudeau Lobbied At Yet Another Cash-For-Access Fundraiser

Justin Trudeau’s Cash-For-Access fundraisers were supposed to be changing.

The idea that people could pay big money to get access to the Prime Minister was supposed to come to an end.

Clearly, that hasn’t happened.

As reported by Global News, “Among the guests at one of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent fundraisers – colloquially referred to as “cash-for-access” events – was a supporter who subsequently received a federal appointment and another man who bought a ticket for the sole purpose of speaking to Trudeau about legislation currently in Parliament.”

The report notes that Sherwin Edwards – President of Vap Select – says he “went to that fundraiser to try to get Mr. Trudeau’s attention, and I was successful.”

He says he wanted to tell Trudeau what he thought about an upcoming Senate Bill regarding vaping – which just happens to be directly related to his business – a Quebec vaping company.

More concerning in the minds of many is the attendance of Jonathan Goldbloom, who was later appointed to the Via Rail board of directors. Goldbloom has donated $18,000 to the Liberals.

According to Global, Goldbloom has confirmed that he attended the fundraiser, but wouldn’t reveal how much his ticket cost or whether he talked to Trudeau about being appointed to the Via Rail board.

Cash-For-Access continues

As I predicted when much of the establishment media was gushing over Trudeau “ending” cash-for-access, Trudeau wasn’t ending anything.

At the time I said, “The fact is, Trudeau is not ending cash-for-access, he’s just being more deceptive.”

This is now crystal clear.

While he piles more taxes and bureaucracy onto most Canadians, Trudeau is giving preferential access to foreign and corporate elites.

That’s why more and more people are realizing that Justin Trudeau is running an elitist government that sees Canadians as nothing more than a piggy-bank, rather than citizens and taxpayers who deserve respect.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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