REPORT: Canadian Military Families Speak Out Against Omar Khadr Payment

A report by the Calgary Herald describes how some Canadian military families are condemning the plan by the Trudeau government to pay $10.5 million to Omar Khadr – who admitted to killing U.S. medic Christopher Speer.

As noted in the Herald“It’s totally disgraceful, totally disrespectful,” said Murray Marshall, whose son, Sapper Steven Marshall, was killed in Afghanistan in 2009. The kids that served and the families of the fallen, these are outstanding people and now we’re turning our back on all that.  I can’t imagine what they’re thinking now.”

Marshall is absolutely right.

While many of our Veterans are homeless, struggling with PTSD and severe physical injuries, and often denied the help they’ve earned, our government turns around and gives $10.5 million to someone who would have been shooting at our troops.


Rachel Herbert, the sister of Cpl. Nathan Hornburg who was killed in Afghanistan in 2007, said this to the Herald:

“We all feel compelled about the case of human rights and I do hope that those are addressed in his situation. However, I don’t feel that a compensation package in that amount is a good use of Canada’s finances. I think there are a lot of better ways that we could address the human-rights violations in his case.”

As the Herald mentions, Calgary MP Michelle Rempel summed the situation up perfectly in two tweets:

Real victims ignored

While the government and out-of-touch elites treat Khadr as a victim, Canadians know that the real victim is Christopher Speer, Layne Morris, and of course Tabitha Speer and her family. The real victims are also those Canadians who lost loved ones in the war in Afghanistan.

Yet, instead of giving those victims justice, the entire political and judicial system has twisted itself in knots to help Omar Khadr.

It’s a shameful disgrace, and we must work on changing the laws to ensure it never happens again.

Our government must put our Canadian Veterans first. Not terrorists.

Spencer Fernando