GLOBALISM: Trudeau’s Weak Borders Policy Leads To Increase In Violent Criminals Coming To Canada

Once again, Trudeau puts the interests of a foreign nation ahead of the security of Canadians

On December 1st, 2016 Justin Trudeau cancelled the requirement for visitors from Mexico to procure visas to enter Canada.

At the time, Trudeau had been warned by security officials against making the move. As reported by Global News,

“But the internal documents obtained by Global News under the Access to Information Act show the prime minister made the decision despite intelligence reporting that anticipated the likely result would be an increased criminal presence among visitors. The intelligence reports said more than 300 criminals with Mexican citizenship had been identified by the CBSA from 2012 to 2015 and reported as inadmissible — the process that bars foreign citizens from entering Canada and can lead to their deportation.”

Trudeau ignored those concerns.

Now, there is evidence those concerns were justified.

As noted by Global, “Midway through 2017, the CBSA had already identified 65 Mexican nationals it said were involved in “serious” crimes. Last year’s figure was 53, and the year before it was 28. Another 15 Mexicans cited for national security reasons have been caught since the start of the year — more than the previous two years combined.”

So, just as he has with China, terrorism, and other security issues, Trudeau has put the interests of non-Canadians ahead of our country.

The issue here isn’t really about Mexico. Mexico is a country that shares many values with Canada and it makes sense for us to a have a close and welcoming relationship with them. But requiring visas from that country – especially considering the serious crime problems they have – was simply common-sense.

For Trudeau to ignore the advice of security experts is incredibly disturbing, because it shows that he is willing to put his weak borders globalist ideology ahead of our security.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Yvette Loke

A MONSTER is running our country!!!