SICKENING: Trudeau Government PAYS KHADR $10.5 Million, Cheque ALREADY CASHED

This is absolutely sickening: The Trudeau government has already paid Omar Khadr $10.5 million behind the scenes, he has already cashed the cheque, and the Trudeau government made it TAX FREE.

The Globe & Mail has revealed that the Trudeau government “has quietly paid a $10.5-million settlement to Omar Khadr in a move that circumvents legal efforts by two Americans to prevent him from receiving compensation for abuses he suffered as a teenager at the U.S. military detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.”

Disgustingly, “The payout to Mr. Khadr and his legal team was given on Wednesday and cashed immediately, according to a source involved in the transaction. Legal settlements do not fall under taxable income, so Mr. Khadr will not have to pay taxes on the $10.5-million.”

The payment itself is a total disgrace. But the way the Trudeau government structured the payment is absolutely disgusting.

It was reportedly set up in such a way that he could cash the payment immediately, meaning Tabitha Speer and Layne Morris won’t have any chance of getting the money.

Also, the government made it a tax free payment. And for anyone who says they have no choice, only fools would believe the government couldn’t have found a way to apply taxes to the payment, or delayed it so Speer and Morris could block it. Amazing how the government is so creative when it comes to getting our tax money, but suddenly becomes helpless when giving it away to an admitted terrorist.


A disgusting betrayal

This is a disgusting betrayal of morality, justice, and all real Canadians.

It’s a betrayal of our troops – who have to fight the government to get benefits worth way less than what Omar Khadr was given – and it’s a betrayal of all true Canadians who are loyal to our country and our values.

Of course, the gutless cowards in the Trudeau government so far refuse to comment.

As the Globe and Mail noted, Layne Morris – who was blinded in one eye by a grenade Khadr admitted to throwing – summed it up perfectly. “His reward is being alive because an American medic like Speer used his special skills to keep him alive. Typically, criminals pay for their crimes, but this time we are paying the criminal for his crimes.”

It’s a sickening and disgusting disgrace.

Canadians must not forget

Canadians must not forget what the Trudeau government did here. Not only did they pathetically give up and refuse to fight the payment, but they tried to do it in a secretive and sneaky way, made it so Tabitha Speer and Layne Morris couldn’t block it, and then even made it tax free.

This is a brutal and disgusting, and the Trudeau government must be held accountable in the next election.

Spencer Fernando


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Words cannot express the disgust heard across Canada from tax payers to this convicted terrorist. Today, Trudeau with this action paying this terrorist, has just sealed his ‘one term & done” as PM. How dare this empty suit reward Omar the cockroach – a direct slap in the face to the victims, our military and war veterans and ALL Canadians. No confidence, trust, accountablitiy or transparancy with these failing Federal Liberal’s – for this deal with the devil was done LONG before Capt’n SandLandistan flew off to hide from Canadian’s outrage and into his safe-space in Ireland, when this shocking… Read more »

K. aka Kel

Words cannot convey my dismay and anger. I am getting so sick of Trudeau Canada. If something isn’t done now – and I mean now – we will not recognise this country within 2019, never mind the “20 years from now” speculation.

Is there no way we can plead to the Governor General (before he retires in the Fall) to halt all activity in Parliament and institute an investigation?

God help us if this POS is re-elected in 2019.


We have to finally face the fact that the Trudeau government is corrupt to the core. Canada has never had a PM who is so corrupt in its history. It reminds me that we could end up like Venezuela at this rate.


Christine..Finally face the facts… finally ??..Sorry if I come across sounding a little rude but this government from the start has been nothing but corrupt..True fact..If you would like me to elaborate no problem. But for starters just go back through most Spenser Fernando articles for the past year.
Anyways, nice to see some out there are waking up and seeing what most have seen from the beginning..just don’t forget when time comes to repay him..

Brian Cresswell

True justice should have been a requirement that he and his smug lawyers be forced to face and apologize to the families of Canadian Soldiers who lost their lives, along with having to face and apologize to the wounded soldiers who came back. Then lets see if that wipes the smirks off their face, maybe the supreme court judges should have listened to our soldiers before they passed judgement and maybe learned what they experinced.


Have the people of Canada had enough of Trudeau and his minions yet! This guy and his government are a complete disgrace, and a bigger disgrace yet, is that Canadians have no impeachment or recall legislation, or any other legal tools to be able to get rid of people like him him or his minions. The people of Canada deserve better! They deserve the tools to hold politicians of all stripes to account and not just every four years. It’s obscene that we have to sit back and watch the carnage being perpetrated on the Canadian people with almost no… Read more »

Jill Ward

EXACTLY!! Well said, thank you.

K aka Kel

Kenster, yes indeed!


Well Trudeau voters, have your eyes been opened? Can you see who you have voted in to power: a person who has no qualms betraying our country, veterans, and cowardly paying a terrorist behind our backs, so that Tabitha Speers cannot get the money that (I believe) she rightfully deserves.

If you cannot see this then you will never will—until Trudeau’s policies come back to hit you where it hurts.

Lian Walton

Just once lets have some honesty you liberals who are on chains pulled by Trudeau – do you honestly think this is fair – in the face of the whole of Canada up in arms over this issue you honestly think this was handled properly ? Shame on you – you will be painted with the same brush he is .

B. Geddes

This is nothing less than an F U to Canadians from a Traitor who hates Canada and Canadians. This embarrassment is a Traitor to Canada. Beyond words.


Trudeau gave………..and get ready to scream……… $10.5 million US DOLLARS which is $13.5 million CDN DOLLARS. That is what he gave to Kahdr. I have a friend at the government and just found out.


Over $11M in Legal fees were paid to Govt legal beagles.. This Terrorist wanted $20M to start. Now the Taxpayers bill has to be close to $24M Canadian. What else is this Trudeau hiding?

June C Dobson

we need to get this child out before be he completely destroys canada,,he and soapie can sing and dance someplace else,,,the sooner the better,,trudeau does not understand that we do not want him,,he is dangerous,,to save face,he should pack and just walk away quietly,, save his children some shame that they will face growing up,,,parents talk at home and children listen,