Harper Releases Statement After Trudeau Government Lies About Khadr Payout

The despicable Trudeau government has been caught in yet another lie.

Not only did Justin Trudeau lie to Canadians about the Khadr deal – saying the “process” was “ongoing” even after the payment was secretly made – but he actually sent out his stooges to try and blame former Prime Minister Stephen Harper for the payment.

Of course, that’s not the case. Everything that happened with Khadr’s imprisonment took place under Liberal governments. And Trudeau was not forced to pay Khadr. Trudeau chose to make that disgusting decision, and he not only gave Khadr $10.5 million, but did so in such a way that Tabitha Speer and Layne Morris couldn’t get any of the money.

Now, Stephen Harper has released a statement pushing back against the despicable lies of the Trudeau government. You can read it below:

Clearly, the gutless and cowardly Trudeau government is running scared. They are seeing the mass outrage of the Canadian people, and they are trying to blame their horrible decision on everyone else.

We can’t let them get away with that distraction. As their moral authority continues to fall apart, we need to keep reminding everyone of the truth:

Justin Trudeau and his government are the only people responsible for the horrendous payout to Omar Khadr.

Spencer Fernando


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Susan Pincoe

This is the most disgusting thing that this boy has done yet.He is mentally incapable of dressing himself let alone run a once beautiful country like Canada.Charges need to be put in place for this treasonist embarrassment to Canada before it’s too late.

david lee williams

I so agree with you Susan…Trudeau is a disgrace to our fine country !

tTommy Hawk

He is the ultimate disgrace to Canada — everything Canada has ever sto0d for.


I concur Susan

Maureen Moss

I agree. Trudeau needs to be REMOVED FROM OFFICE! He is AGAINST CANADA with both his words and his actions! He is not only an embarrassment to Canadians – he is a DANGER to Canadians! He MUST be REMOVED FROM OFFICE! SOONER rather than later!

Evelyn Oliphant

I agree. He must be removed from office ASAP.

Bob Webster

I could not have said it any better Susan

laurie stahlbaum


alan skelhorne

did i not say the other day on one of your posts fernando, mr. trudeau, has said from the beginning, i have a majority, and therefore, i will do what i want, and when i want to. and, there is nothing anyone can do about it. he made himself quite clear.


Yes, he did Alan Skelhorne say that…. but no one is above the law…..


Peggy, I disagree with you, I think Trudeau is above the law. Trudeau has been committing crimes ever since he got into office, and nothing has been done about it! He has a teflon coating nothing sticks!

jennifer boudreau

Peggy, from what I’ve seen – Trudeau is above the law.

Maureen Moss

Exactly …. NO ONE is above the law! Including Justin Trudeau!!

Our leaders in each Province are saying nothing ?…………why

Jack Flory

Would really like to know what law states that he can’t do whatever he likes, amongst millions of other Canadians. If there is such a law then why has it never been applied?


By saying this, is PM Trudeau telling us he is running a dictatorship? He should read history books to realize the fate of all dictators. History have no mercy.


How can you have a majority when only 39% of eligible voters voted ?

Brian Brownlee

yes he can do what ever he wants to do because he has a majority, and it is that arrogance and malignant narcissism that will likely be his undoing. Of course the leaches will always vote for him as he is their meal ticket, but there is a healthy number of the population that will be open to change if pretty boy keeps dropping the ball and repeatedly makes these huge blunders. he is setting Canada up to be a terrorist breading ground and underground railroad for their nasty plots and people are starting to wake up….i hope


I sure hope you are correct and Canadians wakeup to this idiot. The 10.5 million dollar pay out to a terrorist fighter regardless of his age at the time is criminal.

Maureen Moss

I agree!


I hope you are right! Trudeau is corrupt, and he is stacking the deck, with illegals immigrants, changing the voting system and buying votes with our taxes!

donna salter

appears to be almost irreversable
but dont give up people of canada!

Ron Sloan

Trudeau is a coward. Notice he was out of the Canada when this in fiasco occurred. Not man enough to bring it to parliament

Roy Elsworth

sean spicer tweeted today that there was a delay in the confrence at the g20 because Pm Trudeau accidently locked himself in the womens washroom. i think it was a dummy tweet but it was so funny and created alot of buzz on twitter

J br

Sean “Spicier”…. it’s a joke account but well done because the person running it speaks exactly like Sean does.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders has one as well.

Most Antifa Twitter accounts are bogus as well, used to make them look even more ridiculous

Lucien Bleau

And not enough balls to stop in on the Calgary Stampede like he was supposed to.

Carey Bidulka

I don’t know why anybody would want him at any function

June C Dobson

good god,, we have to get rid of him,,,real soon,,, we can’t go to 2019 with him,,,,please,, someone give him some new socks and send him on his way,,shows how childish he is when he tried to blame Mr. Harper,

Pamela Wood

since they liberals are closed until sept. then no chq. of this foolish amount should be allowed until summer is over, and he is back to his one day a wk. job. and that very large amount should be voted on. with ALL parties and the people. (bet he wouldn’t get it) even if he has the majority. the people don’t want it, so nothing should be given out. he is a thief, liar, trader..to Canada and the people.

Dorothy Martin.

The money was given secretly before it was announced. This meant that Khadr could get the money out of the country before Canadians knew, and made sure the American widow who was going to be in court on Thursday could not get any of it. Now, Mr. Khadr, and his whole family of leeches, were actively involved with terrorism when this incident began, I wonder where that money is going to end up now. You can make a lot of bombs with 10.5 million dollars.


I think Conservative party should go after Trudeau for lying and secretly paying out the 10.4 million the way the Liberals went after Harper for paying 90,000 to Duffy. Conservative party should not be quiet take him to the Court he is a liar not truthful to the Canadian and the opposition parties, what is the reason that he lick convicted terrorists feet why they are so dear to him as if they are his first cousins. In nut shell Trudeau himself is the terrorist.


I hope Canadian voters don’t have short memories in 2019 and turf Trudeau and his band of incompetents. The 2019 election won’t come soon enough for me because this slap in the face for all Canadian, especially our veterans is another reason we need Recall Legislation in Canada!


I think most of Canadian have short memory, because there was another corrupt Trudeau dictator in office years ago P.E.T

Bob Craig

Keep up the great work Spencer

Os Brian

Make no mistake Trudeau will tap Khadr for an MP seat wait for it

Guy Regular

nope……it will be a senate seat


He should be immediately removed from office, his party officially disbanded, and he should be charged with Treason! Can you imagine this happening in any other free democratic country? What is wrong with us that we are not DEMANDING that he be removed???

Roger Shelswell

YES Derwin You are 100% correct

Elaine Teichgraber

Thanks for your ongoing well researched reporting, Spencer. Trudeau truly is sleaze covered in hair and charm. There are too many that look at the package and ignore his words and actions. It’s up to all of us to make sure this crime is remembered at every opportunity up to and including the election.

Marilynn Gillespie

Surely to God, Justin Trudeau did not give away $10.5 million of our hard earned and taxed to death dollars!! I am a Canadian, I was born in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. I could use $30,000. to finish building my house, that I can’t afford to finish. Why would he give our hard earned money away? Why not give it to his overworked, low income people, that could surely use it!!? If you did this, Justin, shame on you! Maybe next time you could ask us, the people, if we would mind you giving away what is not your’s to give.… Read more »

Roger Shelswell

This is nothing but a crime .And it was committed by our so called Prime Minister( I hate to call him that) He has committed treason and theft against the Canadian people and he must be held accountable.This is probably the worst thing this dope has done since he has been in power.Certainly not the biggest waste of our money but the most underhanded brazen abuse of authority ever committed by a government official in history .It was a cowardly despicable act and can not go unpunished. Trudope simply with out permission of the people paid a murdering pig of… Read more »


agreed !! and what is MORE outrageous is the idiots who put them there will remain idiots and continue to defy the sanity of nomal and healthy thinking people of this country .all you hear from them are bleeding heart , mindless comments ..


I agree Trudeau has brought shame to Canada! He is unfit to be PM! He is not Honourable or trustworthy! Every day, I wish, I would wake up, from this nightmare, and Mr Harper would still be our PM!

Joane Lalonde

Sadly, on June 3, we had a march to rid this country of the traitor – only about 200 turned out in Ottawa and similar in BC. People can complain, sign petitions and tweet as much as they like, but if they don’t move from their armchairs nothing will happen. We shall just all sit and complain about him and accept that this is the Canadian way. I did try along with other patriots, marching with my Maple Leaf held high and was so proud as I am immigrant who chose to come to this once great country.


Joane your comment is the true reality if Canadians want change we must tell the government , and in order for the government to listen we need solidarity in numbers thousands of people to protest on parliament hill. We can all bitch about the short coming of all governments from the comfort of our homes but organized peaceful protest may help the people in power realize that we are tired of the BS, and we wont stand for it.


June 3 rd. Who knew about this march? Just a small group. Somehow the word must get out to everyone across Canada. We have to pick a specific day and get all of us out at the same time. There is power in numbers.

Jean McCraw

Spencer, you have voice that extends pass these FB pages, time to use it. Canadians are fed up with Trudeau and his lies and manipulations. It’s time to IMPEACH TRUDEAU. Canadians demand a new federal election now not 2 years from now.

John Price

If we have to Oust a government in power everytime they make a move that is unpopular with many of us, without consulting us first….then we will have a government in Chaos because none of us can make up our minds how we feel about anything political , including exercising our right to vote. Many people refuse to vote for any party for selfish reasons and the minute the government changes, they exercise their Armchair politics because they “have all of the answers:.” When you are in opposition, whether PC. Liberal, NDP or Green you have great ideas for when… Read more »


No one can argue the merits of your proclaimed general stance HOWEVER, this case is NOT about and far from THE PERFECTION of the Prime Minister , it is about the loyalty , transparency and simple human decency of the individual …so…..sorry I certainly cannot adhere to your umbrella position on this one ….the case is simply OUTRAGEOUS and so is your reply …


Well said!


Is anyone surprised here? We’re about to have Bill M103 shoved down our throats. This disgusting payment has nothing on how Bill M103 will criminalize our free speech in any negative comments about Islam/Muslims specifically.

Roger Shelswell

I agree but would add Kathleen Wynn to the list of deplorable s.None of these idiot speak for me and all of them are incompetent and must be replaced.

Ana Gomes

Roger:the word for the mafia bunch who call themselves liberals is DESPICABLES.


I have read a lot of the twitter responses to Stephen and there is no hope for the west staying in confederation. They are most lefties and Trudeau lovers making fun and very derogatory to the west. HOWEVER THEY SURE LIKE OUR TRANSFER PMNTS,! Time to keep, our money at home, get rid of Notley and try to save Alberta and the West. With the NDP in BC now won’t be long for another election there.

Clive Edwards

As an admirer of Doug Chtistie’s Politics and as a previous candidate for the Western Block l totally agree.


How proud I am to have a Prime Minister with a degree in Drama,… a man born super rich and had every opportunity afforded to him,.. and he got a liberal arts degree. He now is performing his biggest role ever as a PM and can’t even get that right. I am ashamed of being Canadian. My family immigrated here in the 1830’s on my moms side and 1880’s on my dads side. They all must be rolling in their graves. Disappointed and disgusted.


I was born here and also prefer not to advertise myself a CANADIAN …the spineless ‘ motto is
LET PEOPLE IN INDISCRIMINATELY AND REGARDLESS….I NEED VOTES …..and all this under the deceiving guise of ‘Welcome one and all ‘ He has now established himself as one of the most despicable individuals of our century !


P.M. was elected by Majority of Canadians,because was 10 year of bad Conservative Government, now he is Governing , according with campaign promises

Jill Smith

No, Angel, HE WASN’T. He was put forward by the Liberal party’s most senior members, who had all themselves decided not to place their names on the federal ballot after the disasters that were Ignatieff and Dion tried for the spot. Justin is the Federal Liberal party’s sacrificial lamb.

It pisses me off mightily that so much of the country’s people don’t know enough of the history behind WHY this moron is in The Big Chair now.


Yes Trudeau should never have been voted in it was a rigged election , and now he should have been kicked out of office yesterday . Seeings as we the tax payers are his and his mp’s EMPLOYERS we can demand their resignation and also DEMAND RANDOM DRUG TESTING and I mean random not making an appointment to test them . If someone gives me a check every 2 weeks or once a month are they not my EMPLOYER ?? Well we allow them to be paid with OUR money so they are supposed to work FOR US.


now he is trying to get free trade with China–GOOD BYE Canada businesses


How odd indeed. This government STILL to this day has supporters all accross Canada who seem to believe that PMT is doing a good job. Is it possible these fine Canadians are not clear on what the Liberal government is capable of? Falsely accusing, poor fiscal policy, harboring terrorists, Ponzi schemes, etc. I simply do not get how even new immigrants to Canada believe he is the 2nd coming of his father, Fidel Castro. I’m at odds on remaining in Canada given that support still hovers for this government at 48%+. Bombardier, Auto sector, ship building will all be promised… Read more »

Brian Templeton

Stephan Harper could have fixed Khadr’s nonsense for good by bringing him back to Canada when the Americans first offered to send him back to us. But Mr. Harper was thinking about all the negative impressions it would have left with his voting base and so refused outright to have Khadr back while he was the PM. The Americans did not want to keep him as he was a Canadian citizen after they tried to convict him as a war criminal more than once, so Trudeau was left holding the bag. Khadr brought a court case in Canada which the… Read more »

Ed Mullen

I thought PET was OK, but my Dad spoke of him as an evil little man. I was shocked, began paying attention to what he was slipping through the Legislature. He and two ministers, Turner and Chretien, initiated the killing of babies with the Liberal majority passing a 1969 Omnibus Bill. Abortion on demand soon followed.

AJ Moniz


All of the facts leading to the subsequent payout in lieu of losing and having to pay more are laid out … The Supreme courts were the arbitrators and recomended a payout now to prevent larger awards and larger accumalated court costs !!!


Beverley Campbell

I hope with everything in me that all of you people assembled here can remember this ass when you go to the ballot box next time, he has turned out to be such a big enormous disappointment, a stain on Canada’s global reputation.

donna salter

i agree