WATCH: Andrew Scheer Rips “DISGUSTING” Trudeau Payment To Omar Khadr

Scheer shows real leadership and speaks for the Canadian people as he condemns the outrageous $10.5 million payout to Omar Khadr

As mass outrage spreads after the Trudeau government secretly paid $10.5 million in taxpayer dollars to convicted terrorist Omar Khadr and denied Tabitha Speer the chance to be heard in court, Andrew Scheer is speaking out against the awful payment.

Watch as Scheer shows the leadership and common-sense that Trudeau so obviously lacks:

That is what a true leader says.

The contrast between Scheer and Trudeau is obvious to all. Like a coward, Trudeau tried to hide the decision from Canadians while he was out of the country, and decided to side with a convicted terrorist rather than support Tabitha Speer and wounded soldier Layne Morris.

Meanwhile, Andrew Scheer spoke his mind, stood up for justice and common-sense, and said what tens millions of Canadians have been willing to hear.

Scheer is a leader, Trudeau is not. That is clear.

Something else is clear as well:

Justin Trudeau and his government has lost all moral authority to govern this nation, and millions of Canadians are now starting to question why anyone should listen to a thing this disgraced government says.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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