WATCH: Andrew Scheer Rips “DISGUSTING” Trudeau Payment To Omar Khadr

Scheer shows real leadership and speaks for the Canadian people as he condemns the outrageous $10.5 million payout to Omar Khadr

As mass outrage spreads after the Trudeau government secretly paid $10.5 million in taxpayer dollars to convicted terrorist Omar Khadr and denied Tabitha Speer the chance to be heard in court, Andrew Scheer is speaking out against the awful payment.

Watch as Scheer shows the leadership and common-sense that Trudeau so obviously lacks:

That is what a true leader says.

The contrast between Scheer and Trudeau is obvious to all. Like a coward, Trudeau tried to hide the decision from Canadians while he was out of the country, and decided to side with a convicted terrorist rather than support Tabitha Speer and wounded soldier Layne Morris.

Meanwhile, Andrew Scheer spoke his mind, stood up for justice and common-sense, and said what tens millions of Canadians have been willing to hear.

Scheer is a leader, Trudeau is not. That is clear.

Something else is clear as well:

Justin Trudeau and his government has lost all moral authority to govern this nation, and millions of Canadians are now starting to question why anyone should listen to a thing this disgraced government says.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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no argument that Scheer is 1,000 times the man that Trudeau can ever WANNAbe …. comparing the two is a disgrace to Scheer

Yvette Loke

Thank you, Mr. Scheer for standing up for Canada and telling the truth; the way of a true leader.

Sheila Robillard

The Trudeau Gov’t of the day will go down as the blackest in Canadian History. He is showing that he is truly suffering from a mental disorder, the king that had no clothes. I would think him ashamed of himself. As we know all of Canada and the US is ashamed of him. and his band of thieving lying bandits in his gov’t. May he rot in hell.


I strongly wish his government to go down NOW ….


Sheila, are you suggesting that the voters were duped into electing Trudeau. If you are unhappy with the government then maybe you should take aim at the voters. And there are many. Stop your whining dear and be part of the solution. Willing someone out of power is no way to effect change.

Yvette Loke

Beautifully said, Sheila. I couldn’t find the right words but you nailed it!!!


I like Mr. Scheer more each day! I will vote for him., I cannot wait for the electon!!!

Ivan Filippov

I do not like Mr. Sheer. He must prove himself with a concrete action not just with these meaningless words.


I would hasard that not many care if u like him or not …you cannot even respect the spelling of his name and you are obviously young to the sham of politics…….


Meaningless words just like we get from Abu Ben Trudeau, 18 time in a row?


Trudeau’s action goes beyond any reasonable explanations for giving money to a terrorist fighting against us.
We, Canadians, are appalled, disgusted and embarrassed by all of his actions. A disgrace to the country of Canada, that’s what Trudeau is.


Mr. Speaker, would you please insist the Member from Papineau leave this House of Commons until such time as he learns some respect, gains some maturity and starts providing intelligent answers to Members in this House and to the citizens of Canada?

Mr. Speaker, is it true that the member from Papineau is as stupid and disrespectful as he sounds?

Marco D

A bloody shame all the heros past and present fighting and fought for this great Country, and then to have a faceless leader embarrass the name Canada while authorizing payouts to animals that have little or no respect for Western people or values, the hidden agenda also being he is looking for the Muslim vote on the backs of Canadian taxpayers, almost like his Daddy did! Prayers for the Soldiers wife and kids from Canada!


Trudeau is as low a human as I have ever come across in politics and man that is really saying something, but what can you expect from his kind, Khadr was convicted of terrorism and this poor excuse for a man (JT) gave him $10.5 Mil, makes me ashamed of our country and the total lack of scruples show by the PM and proves the gutless cure he is.

Ruth Walker Ph D

Was Khadr ever proven a terrorist in a globally recognized court of law –or just the Gitmo kangaroo court — as I read sources.