GOOD CAUSE: Donate To Help Sgt. Christopher Speer’s Children

Let’s send money where it should have gone in the first place.

As massive outrage continues to grow across Canada in the wake of Justin Trudeau’s despicable decision to give Omar Khadr $10.5 million, many Canadians have asked how they can show that regardless of what the government does, the Canadian people stand with Tabitha Speer and her children.

A fundraising campaign gave Canadians the chance to donate to a fund that will help the children of Christopher Speer. The effort sought to raise $1 million to help pay for college for Christopher Speer’s children.

I have made a modest contribution, and if you are able, I encourage you to help as well. Every contribution goes to show that Justin Trudeau doesn’t speak for us, and that we believe the $10.5 million should have gone towards the victims of Omar Khadr’s terrorist actions: Tabitha Speer and her children who were left without a husband and father.


Spencer Fernando

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Sheila Robillard

I had read where the US Gov’t had already given Mrs Speers millions already? Of course one never know if it is truth we are reading these days.


Great idea Spencer — thank you for doing that — I will be contributing.
Now, if we could find a bank that would do the conversion at par that would add about 30% … !!
Anybody have any suggestions …??


What about the idea of starting a fund to buy Khadr a one way ticket to the Middle East. We hear ISIS needs all the help they can get right now.

On second thought, he is now able to use Liberal money to get the friggin ticket himself with lots left over. Would Khalid think that is Islamophobic? It couldn’t be because it’s money from Trudeau, not infidels.