The Truth About The Latest Canada Jobs Report

Stagnant wages, part-time jobs

As always, discussion of the unemployment rate in much of the media takes place at a dangerously superficial level.

All attention is focused on the big number (45,300 jobs) created in June, and that’s where the discussion usually ends.

That focus is just how the elites want it, because things don’t look so good under the surface.

To start with, our economy should be creating jobs every month. Our population is growing, and Canada accepts a massive amount of immigrants every year. In that scenario, job growth is expected.

Second, as we have seen in many previous job reports, there are many part-time jobs being created. The clear majority of new jobs in the June report were part-time, and this speaks to a growing trend of low-wage, piecemeal employment that lacks the stability and security of the past.

Finally, lets take a look at wages.

According to the June report, wages went up by 1.3 percent year-over year. However, inflation in May (June numbers are still being awaited), went up by that same 1.3%.

So, all wage “gains” were wiped out by inflation.

This points to the continued stagnation of our economy, which is what the elites (who are getting richer all the time), are desperately trying to hide. There’s one economy for those with power and connections, and another for everyone else.

The elites are playing a manipulative game, focusing on job gains and wages that can be easily made to look positive – when other essential data is omitted.

The reason they want to hide the real numbers is because their agenda relies on convincing us that high taxes, heavy regulations, and more so-called “free trade” somehow benefits the middle class and working class of our country. Of course, the truth is that elitist economic policies benefit international banks, global corporations, and well-connected politicians – all at our expense.

Only by constantly manipulating data and pushing propaganda in the establishment media have the elites been able to obscure this truth for so long. That’s why we need to continue going beyond the superficial numbers and get to the real issues behind the scenes. We can’t fix our economy and get it to work for all Canadians until we acknowledge how broken it really is.

Spencer Fernando


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