The Economic Lies Of The Elites

One of the problems facing much of the developed world is the gap between the globalist ideology that drives the elites, and the lived experiences of the vast majority of people.

The elites dominate the message coming from the media and the government, and they have become skilled at manipulating data in order to cover up their long-term strategy.

Recently, I tweeted about an aspect of that manipulation:

Because the elites have worked slowly and methodically to shift our economy to benefit those at the top, from day to day, month to month, and year to year, it’s difficult to notice any changes. After all, we keep getting told that GDP is going up, wages are going up, and people have more money than they ever did before.

All of that is true in a very narrow sense, but it is not true in reality. Yes, GDP goes up almost every year because our population is growing. Yes, wages go up and we have “more money” because of inflation, but that doesn’t mean we have more actual money in any real sense of the term.

By focusing on such a narrow definition of growth, those in power are able to partially cover-up what’s really happening.

And yet, more and more people are asking serious questions about who is actually being served by our economy.

This is where common-sense and first-hand experience matters far more than any easily manipulated statistic.

Here are some basic questions the elites would prefer we don’t ask:

  • If we are wealthier than ever, why are so many young people unable to afford a home?
  • Why have wages not increased in real terms since 1977?
  • If more free trade makes us richer, why are we not wealthier in real terms than we were decades ago despite years of increasing free trade?
  • Why was it once possible for a working class family to easily afford two or three kids, two cars, and a good home, all on one salary, yet this seems out of reach for so many today?
  • Why are wages not going up in real terms despite dramatically increased productivity?
  • If more government made us richer, why have higher taxes not resulted in a wealthier society?
  • Why are “nationalistic” economic policies bad when globalist policies have resulted in other countries becoming richer while we stagnate?
  • Why has dramatically increased educational attainment not led to higher wages?
  • Why are people working harder just to stay in the same place or even fall behind?
  • Why do we trust the “wisdom” of elite bankers, economists, and politicians, when their policies have resulted in stagnation for us while they got much richer?
  • Almost every economist, politician, analyst, banker, and academic failed to anticipate the 2008 financial crisis – showing their so-called “expertise” was worthless when it really counted. So why are they still getting paid, and why do they still get any respect?

These are all questions we rarely hear discussed in either the House of Commons or the elitist mainstream media.

The “technology” distraction

The globalist agenda focuses us on entertainment and technology to mask the fact that our economy is only working for a very small elite.

The elites have very cleverly and ruthlessly used our advancing technology to distract from economic stagnation. Economic growth and technological advancement are not the same things. Just because someone has an iPhone, a laptop, a flatscreen TV, and other “advanced” products, that doesn’t say anything about the overall wealth of our society, or that person’s wealth for that matter.

Think about it this way: Who is more wealthy, the family from 1977 that can afford a nice home, raise three kids, owns two cars, and can easily go on vacation – all on one salary? Or the family that happens to own two iPhones while struggling to afford one kid, can barely pay for one car, and has massive household debt – despite bringing in two incomes?

Clearly, the first family mentioned is richer in real terms, despite not owning any “advanced technology.”

This is a key point: Better technology has not resulted in us becoming more wealthy. “New” and “exciting” products don’t prevent us from becoming poorer.

That is why we must strongly push back every time economic statistics are released by the government. Every month they put out numbers designed to give a false impression of never-ending success and growth. Those numbers may be true in the most narrow sense, but the way they are presented only serves to reinforce the economic lies of the elites.

Unless those numbers are challenged and unless the truth is revealed, the economy will continue to be twisted by the elites and the rest of us will continue to fall further and further behind.

Spencer Fernando


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