Scheer Will Force Trudeau To Answer For Khadr Payment

Opposition leader Andrew Scheer isn’t letting Justin Trudeau off the hook for his disgraceful $10.5 million payment to Omar Khadr.

As reported by the Calgary Herald, Andrew Scheer plans to force a debate in the House which will make sure Trudeau and his liberal government have to take responsibility for what they have done.

“We’re going to force every Liberal in the House to take a stand,” said Scheer. “It will be simple: Do you support paying a self-confessed terrorist over $10 million or do you stand with the common sense of millions of Canadians? Justin Trudeau will have to stand and defend it.”

This is a good move by Scheer. Justin Trudeau has done everything he can to hide from the Khadr payment, only addressing it when it leaked and he had no other choice. The massive outrage of Canadians is something Trudeau is desperately trying to pin on others, but his deceptive effort isn’t working. So, he’s likely hoping that the short media cycle will cause Canadians to forget about it by the time the House of Commons resumes sitting. Scheer’s move makes certain that won’t happen.

If those in Trudeau’s government really believe the government did the right thing by giving money to a confessed terrorist – instead of fighting against Khadr and his lawyers for as long as possible – they will be forced to stand up and answer for it. And if Trudeau tries to avoid the issue again, it will only reinforce his growing reputation for cowardice.

Spencer Fernando


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