BANKERS: Desjardins To Stop Supporting Pipelines, So Let’s Stop Supporting Desjardins

Desjardins bankers put elitist political correctness ahead of Canada and our energy industry

Desjardins – a Canadian lender that represents many credit unions in both Canada and the U.S. – says it is “suspending” funding to oil pipelines, and may make the suspension permanent.

As reported by Reuters, “If it makes the decision permanent, that would likely mean Desjardins would not help finance other major Canadian pipelines projects, including TransCanada Corp’s Keystone XL and Energy East and Enbridge Inc’s Line 3.”

Desjardins says their concern is about the “environmental impact,” despite pipelines being the safest way to transport oil.

In a terrible sign, Greenpeace is supporting the move. As noted by Reuters, “Patrick Bonin, a campaigner with the environmental group Greenpeace, praised Desjardins for temporarily halting pipeline funding, but called on the lender to make it permanent and reconsider its $145 million (US$113 million) commitment to Trans Mountain.”

It is deeply disappointing that Desjardins has chosen to side with radicals rather than with the workers in the oil industry and the millions of Canadians who rely on that industry in countless ways every day.

Of course, Desjardins is a private company, and they are free to do what they want. That said, consumers can also make our own choices. That’s why I encourage people to boycott Desjardins to send them a clear message that we won’t support virtue-signalling corporations that are re-tweeting stuff like this:

I guess Desjardins prefers spending time around Al Gore than Canadian workers.

Tweet @DesjardinsGroup and let them know how you feel, and help spread the word about boycotting a bank that would rather score political points than support a vital Canadian industry.

Let’s spread the word about #BoycottDesjardins

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Google Maps


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