POLL: 62% Disapprove Of Alberta NDP’s Economic Management

A new poll by ThinkHQ/Metro shows that a clear majority of Albertans oppose how the Rachel Notley government is managing the economy.

As reported in the Metro, 62% either strongly disapprove or somewhat disapprove. Just 33% either strongly or somewhat approve.

These are very good numbers for the United Conservative Party, as it is incredibly difficult for a government to get re-elected with over half the population against their handling of the biggest issue.

Even worse for the NDP is the fact that 52% of poll respondents say the Alberta government has had a negative influence on their life. Only 23% say it was a positive influence, with 25% saying there was no influence.

Making a bad situation worse

The NDP is not responsible for the decline in oil prices or the rise of the U.S. shale industry, but they are responsible for how they handled it. They could have moved beyond their controlling big-government ideology and realized that lower taxes and fewer regulations would have given the oil sector a better chance to compete in a tough economic environment.

Instead, they doubled down on statism, increasing taxes, imposing a damaging carbon tax, and implementing regulations that strangled industry at the worst possible moment.

They also ran – and continue to run – massive deficits, choosing to reward political constituencies instead of being prudent with taxpayer dollars. As a result, Albertans will be paying for the consequences of the NDP government long after they are defeated.

Spencer Fernando


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