WATCH: Wounded Veteran Layne Morris Rips Trudeau As Omar Khadr “Groupie”

Layne Morris, a U.S. soldier blinded in one eye by a grenade Omar Khadr admitted to throwing – the same grenade that killed Sgt. Christopher Speer – ripped into Justin Trudeau for being an Omar Khadr “groupie.”

Here’s what Morris said to CBC:

“If you are a supporter of Omar Khadr, a groupie so to speak, and Mr. Trudeau certainly falls into that category, then you look for any excuse possible. And you pick and choose from the legal opinions that are out there on what you need to do, and he was more than happy, jumped at the opportunity, to pay Omar Khadr $10.5 million.”

Added Morris, “This was a deliberate attempt by Mr. Trudeau and the Canadian government to not only pay Omar, but to do so in a way surreptitiously.”

Morris is 100% right. Trudeau has been saying he “had no choice” but to give Khadr the money, even though no court has made any such order for payment – as I pointed out earlier in an article for MyToba News.

Morris also accurately points out that the way Trudeau gave Khadr the payment has now made it almost impossible for Morris and Tabitha Speer to seek to block the payment in court. When news had first broken about the possible payment, Speer and Morris had sought to take legal action to block it. However, shortly thereafter, it was revealed that Trudeau had already given Khadr the money and the massive cheque was already cashed.

Watch the full clip of Morris ripping into Trudeau and the government below:

Give the cheque to Tabitha Speer: Morris

Morris makes a great point when discussing the payment. Said Morris, “It doesn’t cause me pain. It makes me angry. There is a simple way to make things right. All he has to do is sign that cheque over to Tabitha Speer and I am sure he’ll feel better. His conscience will be clear.”

Of course, now that Trudeau has given Khadr the money so easily, it looks like neither Tabitha Speer or Layne Morris will see any of it.

It’s yet another way Justin Trudeau managed to make such a disgusting decision in the most disgraceful way possible.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube Screenshot


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Too many secrets around this case , just doesn’t add up. Outcome looking more like a government cover up. I just don’t think Canadians are getting all the facts or the whole truth. Perhaps it should have gone to court so the taxpayers could have that open transparency that this government talks about. As to saving the taxpayers money by not going to court , I have not really seen a whole lot of fiscal responsibility demonstrated on many other issues by this government. Furthermore, I would like to know why the Khadr family seem to have no responsibility with… Read more »


Jt can’t blame this on the conservatives like he tries to pass the buck on everything else when it comes back to bite him in the . This man was old enough to drive a car, be left alone, get a job. He knew what he was doing. Shame on JT. Those poor families. He should be still locked up, and not 10 million + richer.


Trudeau, disgusting, disgraceful – all words that easily fit together. A shallow pathetic POS. Not my PM.

It is really hard to be civil when posting about Trudeau. Even looking at his picture makes me uncomfortable. The kind of feeling you get when looking at a tarantula or watching a baby seal get killed. Revulsion.

I couldn’t have said it better!

Bob Geddes

It is so… when I see him speak I cringe like I’m back in grade school and someones just put their nails on the chalkboard.


Well , we certainly no what team she’s on . She should keep her bleeding heart opinions to her self and stick to the questions . Sell the CBC !

Ana Gomes

Dismantle the fake news that betrays us and is paid with our taxpayers money in order to serve the manipulator Turd, that corrupt liberals imposed on us. CBC has to go !!!!~This will be the end of The Turd’s political life in Canada and the end of Liberal- extreme- left manipulation. Canadians are growing up fast and will reject what is going on in this country. If you do not raise your voice about what is going on with this subversive PM, you do not deserve to have a country…He will take away the rest of your freedoms and the… Read more »

Ana Gomes

Dear Omar is already taking over this country, handed to him by our dearest leader Idiot Supreme, and by the corrupt malevolent national media, that is paid by the taxpayers who are being betrayed by the same National Media.. Decent democracies do not need to pay for National Media. Only dictatorships do that, because the Media serves them well. Soon we will have , in Omar’s mansion,one more islamic extremist mosque to protect Omar’s terrorists, and you can not touch them… No, No!!! Don’t try while their protector Trudeau is protecting them in your name and with your dollars.