WATCH: Wounded Veteran Layne Morris Rips Trudeau As Omar Khadr “Groupie”

Layne Morris, a U.S. soldier blinded in one eye by a grenade Omar Khadr admitted to throwing – the same grenade that killed Sgt. Christopher Speer – ripped into Justin Trudeau for being an Omar Khadr “groupie.”

Here’s what Morris said to CBC:

“If you are a supporter of Omar Khadr, a groupie so to speak, and Mr. Trudeau certainly falls into that category, then you look for any excuse possible. And you pick and choose from the legal opinions that are out there on what you need to do, and he was more than happy, jumped at the opportunity, to pay Omar Khadr $10.5 million.”

Added Morris, “This was a deliberate attempt by Mr. Trudeau and the Canadian government to not only pay Omar, but to do so in a way surreptitiously.”

Morris is 100% right. Trudeau has been saying he “had no choice” but to give Khadr the money, even though no court has made any such order for payment – as I pointed out earlier in an article for MyToba News.

Morris also accurately points out that the way Trudeau gave Khadr the payment has now made it almost impossible for Morris and Tabitha Speer to seek to block the payment in court. When news had first broken about the possible payment, Speer and Morris had sought to take legal action to block it. However, shortly thereafter, it was revealed that Trudeau had already given Khadr the money and the massive cheque was already cashed.

Watch the full clip of Morris ripping into Trudeau and the government below:

Give the cheque to Tabitha Speer: Morris

Morris makes a great point when discussing the payment. Said Morris, “It doesn’t cause me pain. It makes me angry. There is a simple way to make things right. All he has to do is sign that cheque over to Tabitha Speer and I am sure he’ll feel better. His conscience will be clear.”

Of course, now that Trudeau has given Khadr the money so easily, it looks like neither Tabitha Speer or Layne Morris will see any of it.

It’s yet another way Justin Trudeau managed to make such a disgusting decision in the most disgraceful way possible.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube Screenshot


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